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Instead of manually for each file, simply overwrite the purge file shredder.



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File Shredder

When you delete a file on your computer, it has not disappeared yet so. The data remain stored on the hard disk until this space is needed again. With the file shredder, you can change that.

A file remains on the hard disk as long as reconstructed, until you've filled the plate at least seven times with new data. By simply deleting you pick only the link, which you can use to call the file. Even if you take care always to empty the trash, someone could find the file and open.

The file shredder helps you really delete files. This little program is so programmed that it overrides the physical memory, which is a program to be deleted, so often with random data series, that a reconstruction is impossible. In the test, the file shredder could delete even so reliable that data rescue specialists could no longer find the data. And they usually work with highly damaged storage media.

So if you have data that you want to delete really forever, is the file shredder the right program for you. For example it can be sensitive Bank data, because you saved a password unwisely. Or you've been embarrassing photos, to find someone definitely not. With the file shredder, the data are secure and forever destroyed. A great help represents the freeware program if you want to sell your computer. Instead of laboriously multiple format the hard disk, you can delete all personal files with a single mouse click and have no concern that the buyer can reconstruct your files. After the installation you can find the command to permanently clear automatically in the context menu with the right mouse button.

Description of the version: File Shredder

The version 5.5 of the file shredder from Teknum systems is available in several languages. It particularly well supported older Windows versions of Win 95 to NT. The freeware includes 1.6 megabytes just once and can therefore easily integrated into the system. It requires no own user interface because it enlists in the context menu of the right mouse button and can be operated from there. So, you can delete your files just as easily as you have previously moved to the Recycle Bin.

The most important functions of the version 5.5

• Secure delete of all files with a single right click
• Files even under laboratory conditions cannot be recovered
• No own user interface required
Delete the files with the shredder • directly from Windows Explorer

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