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If you like world of Warcraft, you will have a simple entry in Fiesta online.



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Fiesta Online

Once again a free MMORPG game from the Japanese game forges. Fiesta online invites due to its colorful and cute-looking world directly to play. Rewards such as houses and mounts animate to continue playing.

Other MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) are great times of world of Warcraft and Lord of the Rings Online and become known. So also, Fiesta online. The game itself is free of charge for you and is financed through an in-game shop where you can buy improvements.

In the game, it comes that a being meant it would have to dismiss the gods their power. You are of course not very amused and urge you to get the essence of his throne. So you get in the game then. It reflected the well-known MMORPG classes or professions. There's the warrior who mixes with with sword and shield on the front, the Hunter, the arrows rain the priest, who keeps the Group on the legs with his healing spells, can and the magician who throws his fireballs. The game offers you a very colourful graphics and a little reminiscent of the older final fantasy parts. You must of course not alone running around in Fiesta online, because there is a guild system, where you you can close together with others, to fight the biggest and most powerful beings in the world. The trading system is one of the points that make games worth Fiesta online, so you can offer your generated goods even on a stand at the market. So it happens that many a player before going to sleep go online world leaving his character in the Fiesta and all night stand with its stand at the market square. If you have earned enough money, you can afford things like a private house or mounts.

Description of the version: Fiesta Online

Play Fiesta online offers many incentives and rewards, which could make worthwhile the game for you. The different professions can be extended very far and the generated products let you in the blink of an eye on the market sell. The various characters add variety to the game and leave no boredom in a new beginning. The trading system is innovative and allows you rebuild your own trade stand at the market square. With the guild system, you can unite you with other players.

Features and benefits of Fiesta online

• Guild system to the merger of several players
• many different and individual characters
• Mounts and houses as rewards
• innovative trading system
• large professional system with many different specializations

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