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The FGS Cashbook offers all necessary functions for the management of a cash book.



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A cash book is usually a rather annoying task that no one does like to. The FGS Cashbook makes you much easier life in future, because already the free freeware contains all the functions that are required to complete a cash book. The FGS Cashbook multilingual available here and can be used with all the world's currencies. There is no conversion of currencies, but it modifies the display of currency. No monetary adjustments is made by friends, FGS Cashbook automatically uses the currency, which is specified in your system settings.

You will be asked first to your data, so company and name at the start of the FGS Cashbook and should also enter, because these data are required for a subsequent registration. Registration is not necessary to work with the FGS Cashbook indefinitely, but allows you to take advantage of more features. In the freeware version, you can enter the date, the serial number of the document, a description, a category, the VAT rate and height input or output. The amount of value added tax, as well as the current cash automatically calculates FGS Cashbook and enters them.

A new entry in the FGS cash book you can due to the pressure on the button very easy "restart" and enter the values. For the description, and the category FGS Cashbook this builds a proposal list interms of previously entered, so you have to enter it not ever again. The document number is changed also manually, so that you can correctly sort also documents by adding "a" or "b" after the number. Best himself once try the freeware of the FGS cash book and use the download function here on our Web site.

Features to the FGS cash book:

• Software for the leadership of a cash book
• simple, intuitive operation
• all currencies can be adjusted
• Freeware with basic functions
• other functions available for a paid registration
• for Windows XP, Windows 7, and visa

Background to the FGS Cashbook

The FGS Cashbook emerged a FGS software based in Cambodia and from the German company Franke software development. The company offers a software for the management of restaurants and bars in addition to the cash book. The software is developed with multilingual and constantly improved, so that the customer receives products up to date.

Description of the version: FGS-Kassenbuch

The new version of the FGS Office paper contains of course all familiar functions. Backing up your data has been greatly improved in this version. Also you are now up to 50 characters in the description text and 25 characters in the category free of charge. In the main window, you can arbitrarily change the columns and the size and save. Other functions have been improved. As usual, the operation or handling of the cash book is very simple.

Overview of the features in the new version

• 50 Characters for the description text
• 25 Characters for the category
• Columns and size in the main window can be modified and saved

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