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The Feng Shui software LuQi provides a comprehensive personal injury & residential analysis of Chinese tradition.



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Feng Shui software LuQi

The Feng Shui software LuQi is the easiest way directly from the manufacturer's website to download. The Feng Shui software LuQi is therefore completely in English, but without any additional effort on the PC installed very quickly. After successful installation, the program can be started quickly.

Now, the Feng Shui software LuQi can be accessed on two main functions: the analysis of the living room or the analysis of the person. The Feng Shui software LuQi offers not only the traditionally known Feng Shui, which is geared entirely to the residential nature and so tries to optimize the distribution of qi. Here, the user of the Feng Shui software Inamya also gets the possibility to analyze his own person with regard to the Chinese tradition.

If you click on the box "create, modify, and analysis of A person", do I get to the other surface of the Feng Shui software LuQi: Here you can specify complete date of birth, including also the time, his name and his sex. On the surface of a table, the associated facts appear on the shows as above: Here you can get the equivalents according to Feng Shui tradition after entering his data. The meaning of these terms is revealed by the Feng Shui software LuQi through a window, which opens by clicking on the boxes "Chart Analysis" etc.. In the browser, you get to a detailed explanation of its data in text format. Once you the function "create, modify, and analysis of A person" in the Feng Shui software Inamya selects, opens a new window and you will be prompted, give details including the orientation and construction. Once it has entered the data, you get a very good picture with an analysis of the elements, each for the points of the compass. This window can be printed at any time with one click in the window of the Feng Shui software Inamya and matched with the living room. By clicking the respective analysis proposals, get more information about the living room.

Opportunities in the Feng Shui software LuQi

• Analysis of the person
• Information on the zodiac signs
• Analysis according to the solar calendar
• Also forecasts possible
• Analysis of the housing situation
• Orientations using cardinal directions

The Feng Shui software LuQi offers many opportunities for those interested in the topic of living and life situation. Especially the analysis of person and situation in Chinese tradition provides an opportunity to identify correlations and new possibilities of for design. Through the in the Feng Shui software LuQi possible functions, the program for a lay person requires however much training, particularly in the terminology.

Description of the version: Feng Shui software LuQi

In the new and revised version you can bring back happiness and prosperity by Feng Shui in your four walls, because all the correct home furnishings depends according to the Feng Shui rules. Bring your home, now with the new version, again in the cosmic harmony. Uusätzlichen bonus your Chinese horoscope for a peek at your future available standing also in the new version.

Overview of the features of the new version

• New and revised graphics
• Numerous new tools for profile analysis
• Calculation of the optimal furnishings for every room
• New bonus: Chinese horoscope

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