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The fascination rain forest screen saver runs on any PC, promises fun and individuality.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Faszination Regenwald Bildschirmschoner

The jungle comes in your work or living room with the fascination rain forest screensaver

A little adventure gives the new fascination rain forest screensaver: jungle - Rainforest for nature lovers and travelers. Rain forest screen saver 1.0 is the fascination as shareware is offered, so as a fascination to download free rain forest screen saver in the trial version. This trial version of fascination rain forest screen saver is time fully usable. The system requirements are broad: Win 98/ME/2000/XP. The program consumes 5.3 MB of disk space. The language of instruction is German. Simple click relies on the download - button downloading the fascination rain forest screen saver in motion. Should you really even have difficulties, you can click on "Download problems": A contact form opens and you can contact the provider. By the way, even if you want to give only a feedback. For example, if you want to praise the successful representation of the fascination rain forest screen saver.

Most screensavers are rather inspired by the civilization. It offered the skyline of cities, pass play of colors the monitor off, car racing or vintage, and much more to see. Some providers completely rely on action, if for example the screen ablaze to open appears. You can - if you want to, with the help of instructions - create also an own screensaver, but why bother? The fascination rain forest screen saver is addressed the nature lovers. In but a whole lot on the screen is off, not forget the noise level at the fascination rain forest screen saver. He speaks you if you're the extroverted type and not just looking for the scenic Idyll, but just the fascination of rule forest screen saver.

Conditions for downloading: fascination rain forest screensaver 1.0

• Processor: 800 MHz
• DirectX 8.1 or higher
• 5.3 MB
• Software via email
• German language
• over 31,000 downloads

Changes in the function

Originally rather a technically oriented product, intended, to save the monitor, the screen saver from the area of the technical function in the field of entertainment has changed. It serves the entertainment of the audience and the individualization of the personal computer, if the device is provided with just any other occupancy of the monitor. So also the fascination rain forest screen saver. Therefore, the number of the screensaver is infinitely large, the number of those which you can download for free. The full version fascination rain forest screen saver however has to be paid.

Description of the version: Faszination Regenwald Bildschirmschoner

With the fascination rain forest screen saver 1.0 you catch the rain forest right on your screen. This version includes numerous high resolution graphics and incredibly lifelike sound elements in high quality. This establishes a true jungle-like atmosphere: a cascading waterfall and screeching parrots in the deep jungle of the rain forest. The screen saver fascination rainforest 1.0 is suitable for the Windows versions 98, ME, 2000 and XP and the download and the installation of this version are quick and easy.

The fascination rain forest screen saver 1.0 soon:

• Graphics in high resolution
• brilliant colors
• incredibly lifelike sound elements
• attractive design
• high compatibility (suitable for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP)
• faster download (file size 5.3 MB)

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