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With the FastStone Image Viewer, you can edit your photos quickly, easily and quickly.



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FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is suitable for the operating systems from Windows 98 up 7. Common image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc. are supported from the FastStone Image Viewer. As well, the camera manufacturers RAW formats are supported. After you have installed the FastStone Image Viewer now and have uploaded your first photo, move the pointer of your mouse in full-screen mode on the edges of the screen. Then strips for image editing, effects and filters are displayed automatically. In addition a toolbar with tools to rotate and crop your photos. In a small thumbnail, you can see your remaining photos.

With the existing tools in the FastStone Image Viewer, you can edit your photos. The tools help you to change the brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness, blur and much more in your photos. For example, it is also possible to view your picture to different shades of gray. Or remove red-eye with the appropriate tool. Also, you can miss your photos of different frames or borders using FastStone Image Viewer. Use the compare feature in FastStone Image Viewer gives you a view where you can compare the four photos by selecting four photos. So easier for the selection of the best motives. With the stack function in the FastStone Image Viewer at the same time manage editing and renaming multiple photos. To do this, just go to the batch conversion/rename menu bar.

The left sidebar in the FastStone Image Viewer offers you the ability to embed external image editing programs. To do this, you need only the selected .exe file of the program to enter. You can link several image editing programs with the FastStone Image Viewer. From the FastStone Image Viewer, you can send your photos by E-Mail. Also, you can create a personal photo presentation or slideshow with FastStone Image Viewer.

Features of FastStone Image Viewer

• Adding from edges and frames
• Add effects and filters
• Preview and thumbnail
• Comparison function
• Stack function
• Creating a slide show

Background information

The software was developed by Andrew Lu. His name is hidden behind the company FastStone Soft. Among other things, also the software programs were developed by FastStone capture, MaxView, photo Resizer, etc..

Description of the version: FastStone Image Viewer

The current version of the FastStone Image Viewer has some new features and improvements that make working with images even easier for you. So it is for example possible to run the conversion of several images in PDF used as batch job, definitely time saving you. Continue to the functions of the magnifying glass have been optimized and noticeably improved the loading speed for the preview.

Features of the new version 4.2 of the FastStone Image Viewer

• Batch job for converting images to PDF
• Improved functions of the magnifying glass
• Loading speed of the images has been improved significantly
• Fixed bugs from version 4.1

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