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The FastStone capture Sceenshot tool helps you to save screenshots and edit.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

FastStone Capture

Just capture the screen - it's easy with the freeware program FastStone capture. Everyone can determine the areas for the screenshot. The pixel size will appear when you select the same with.

Just hold the whole screen contents, this can be achieved with the FastStone capture program in the blink of an eye. The content is freely selectable for each screenshot. Non-visible content of the screen upon request in the screenshot can appear. Even certain sections are set. Documents have extra long, scrolling Internet pages are, then you save off just this with FastStone capture.

Only the active window to be photographed, is this possible. What is always marked, pixel specifies the size conveniently with the program. An editor is integrated in the FastStone capture, which can simultaneously edit the screenshots and images and label. Manipulation of the images is comfortable and easy to do. So, it is also possible to add text descriptions. You can provide your images with titles or comments or mark special places. Also, you can highlight specific elements with arrows colored. With lines and frames, you can also mark your pictures. There are edge effects and shadows that you can use. The so-called watermark function returns the photos their brand with - a good help at sort of the photos taken. You can access the functions more quickly with own keyboard shortcuts. You specify these combinations just individually.

FastStone capture request saves all formats. These include the formats BMP, JPG, JPEG2000, PNG, and GIF as well as JPG, TIF and TGA. These screen shots, you can print or save. If you are using multiple monitors, the multi-monitoring help of the free software with security is a good support for you. The version 5.3 of FastStone capture is the last one, which can be downloaded free. The successor to the freeware program is already subject to a charge.

Description of the version: FastStone Capture

The screen capture and the editor can easily edit - FastStone capture 5.3 version number facilitates the daily work. Screenshots succeed in the blink of an eye, even if the documents have extra length. To download the free software offers many valuable features. FastStone capture with version 5.3 is the latest version, which is free to download. In the meantime, there is a successor of the popular program. This is however subject to a charge.

The latest version of FastStone capture, which is still free.

• Take screenshots and edit images easily using the editor
• Included many additional functions for tagging and marking
• Freeware program in the latest version
• Works with the major operating systems

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