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FastCopy (32-bit) is recommended to copy large amounts of data in fewer system resources.



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FastCopy (32 Bit)

FastCopy (32 bit) reads and saves files faster than the Windows Explorer, because the smart copy program weighed less heavily on the system when the copy. The freeware can be used without installation on a computer.

It is often necessary when working on the computer to copy large files. This feature may take some time with the usual Windows Explorer. More information should be copied, the longer this procedure takes. Already the transfer of a file size of one gigabyte from a computer to an external hard disk can take a long time. Time is valuable, and not everyone has patience also. Therefore, the FastCopy (32 bit) program is the ideal aid when copying large files.

But how does the quick copy program? While the Windows Explorer handles a single small file information and copied, FastCopy (32 bit) creates much larger blocks of the file. This has the advantage that the read write head of the hard drive must not so much moving. Takes a while back and driving from the write read head, and this time can be saved with the program of FastCopy (32 bit). The load on the system drops significantly, all to the advantage of the speed of the copy operation. In addition, the free program offers some filters and wildcards. So it can be copied via the GUI or the command line. Also the moving and deleting is possible. The drag -and-drop feature supports the software as well.

The beautiful is FastCopy (32 bit) must be installed on a computer not tedious, but can be launched directly from a USB stick. Thus you are flexible in your application. You need to have only your small handy USB stick it and connect it through the slot with your computer, start the program. And the quick copy can start with FastCopy (32 bit).

Description of the version: FastCopy (32 Bit)

The freeware program FastCopy (32 bit) in the most recent version is extremely useful. Copying large blocks of data loaded little system resources. By the way, you can continue. The unique facility makes it possible to always have this tool via FastCopy command. Also a mobile disk is to use the free software. There are several methods to copy the data. You will depend on whether gather the source and the destination directory on the same drive.

FastCopy (32 bit) in the top current version

• With FastCopy feature
• System resource not loaded
• No installation executable
• Runs on the operating systems Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 Server and Windows 7

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