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Using the family tree pilot gets overview in the family order simply and quickly.



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Family Tree Pilot

Quickly and easily download, it is the family tree pilot on your PC. No additional registration or license is required to use the program: pilot just download the family tree and install it on your PC - the software can be started immediately. The family tree pilot is completely in the English language and takes about 6MB storage of capacity. Family tree pilot is playable on all versions from Windows 98 to Windows 7. The user interface is very clear, it appears the family tree in colorful, friendly colors. The genealogy on the PC so can be nothing in the way!

Once the family tree pilot on the PC is installed, you can start simply: it opens a large window, on the left side is a colorful, yet empty tree. Now simply enter data on the left side and your family tree grows with each new entry. There are various relationships, from which it can choose is true: children, couples,.... The registered persons are then, after they have been entered on the right side, visible on the tree left immediately. In addition, there are four tabs in the family tree pilot: actions, persons, families, children and the family tree then. Switch easily between the individual registers, the "family tree" tab shows you the current family tree directly.

In the family tree pilot is also possible at any time, as often as required to add your input or to override. If still something new to the people, simply enter the new information and save - already to change your family tree. Here, next to the name, information on gender, date of birth, and more are possible. The family tree pilot makes your pedigree so that more detail, more imaginative. Especially photos that simply pilot can be inserted in the family tree, give the individual note's family tree. After all data have been entered and attached, fast the pairs on the tree in the family tree pilot connect - your personal ancestral sequence is already done!

Can the family tree pilot

• Download & install
• Program & tabs open
• Personal data enter
• Individually by photos
• Editing any number of times
• See family tree, print - ready

Your family tree is suitable as a gift to relatives or even for your own four walls: simply save and print out. As many pedigrees can be - customized with the new version of the software family tree pilot wake up so the hobby genealogists in you!

Description of the version: Family Tree Pilot

The genealogy tool family tree pilot 1.04 can you now also free to download and use. So, you can test the most important features to decide whether you want to or not to buy some of the paid additional programs. The surface on which you work, was also revised and offers a professional working environment you now, so that you can easily enter your pedigree data in the database.

The most important innovations for family tree pilot 1.04

• The user interface has been thoroughly revised.
• The input of data in the tree is now easier.
• The program can be downloaded free of charge from now and tested.

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