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Fahrschule Weichert

The driving school with security program would do well many motorists and car drivers, that some maybe even decades ago did years ago, your driver's license. Several rules and hence exam questions have changed, so that the driving learn to compare no longer has from generations ago. free software offers three different modes for learning. With the questions to become acquainted, recommends the learning mode, where the answers are already marked, and you well can inculcate those you just friends. It is recommended to click once or twice through the complete list of questions, then to have a perfect overview and to change software in the next mode of driving school In the training mode of software by driving school you will prompted to independently enter the correct answers. There are no more constraints here, instead you should already have the knowledge out of learning mode, to answer the questions. If you're still unsure, go back one step in the software by driving school best again.

Maybe you're thinking, "but just dealing with accident-free and considerate driving", it is not quite so easy, knows also driving school To be really well prepared on the treacherous questions and tasks for the theory test for a licence, it is advisable next to the driving school usual theory lesson to invest time to independent study. Here comes the program by driving school in the game. Because downloading from driving school you, your parents and friends have young and old well on the theory exam to prepare the chance. Whether you now have test anxiety, or not, really well prepared for an exam or test to go, a completely different feeling you are sure and exactly for the program by driving school is intended. The last and decisive by driving school is the test mode. Here now simulates a whole theoretical driving test. If you you here have worked flawlessly through, nothing in the way is your actual exam.

The advantages of the downloads in the overview:

• free of charge
• different modes
• easy to understand
• for young and old
• non-binding
• with exam simulation

Nice extra:

In the driving school learning mode, you can mark questions as "learned" If you're sure your. So, only the unskilled questions be queried.

Description of the version: Fahrschule Weichert

You can prepare on optimally on your driver's license exam. On the internal side of the set's a free learning software to download available. The program includes three different sections. The first section is the learning mode. Here you can see the solutions to the questions and learn. What is later tested in a practice mode. You're well prepared, you can place a simulated theoretical driving test in the Prufungsteil.

Learning for the driver's license made easy

• Driver's license exam preparation
• current issue catalog
• Ability can be marked and no longer appears in the learning mode
• simulated theoretical driving test

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