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F-1 spirit remake brings a wonderful retro-feeling on the PC and is an entertaining racing game.



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F-1 Spirit Remake

F-1 spirit remake is the successful remake of the eponymous car racing game classic of Japanese game manufacturer Konami. F-1 spirit brings remake it as freeware to the world of the small cute race car on your Windows PC. F-1 spirit remake is a classic car race game. While modern features such as complex damage models, stunning effects and realistic sound are fortunately completely foreign to him. F-1 spirit remake rather exudes the charm of old video consoles.

As a player, you look from virtual bird's eye view on the world of F-1 spirit remake. Always the own race car is centered in the middle of the screen. With your own small car, then going racing and can to demonstrate your skills on different slopes and against virtual opponents in different classes. Especially skill and dexterity are needed in the control of F-1 spirit remake. Players who enjoy the finger on the gas pedal just in a tour to fail quickly in curves, obstacles or enemy vehicles. You collect appropriate points, when the course is completed not only quickly, but also without collisions with obstacles and other vehicles. Last but not least you must use also the pit stops at F-1 spirit remake makes sense.

F-1 spirit remake offers different game modes, in which different tracks available and also differently designed profit requirements are. While initially only the modes Stockrace, rally, and F3 are beginners at F-1 spirit remake available. Here you can make in the F-1 spirit remake versions of the riot race, long distance driving and lower racing prove. Once here, you are provided the appropriate services, also the mode can be unlock F3000, endurance and finally F1.

F-1 spirit remake - at a glance:

• Car racing game
• Top view graphics
• Virtual opponent
• Six game modes
• High game complexity
• Freeware

The history of the game

F-1 spirit remake is an unmodified reprogramming of the old classic of game-F-1 spirit that inspired whole generations of video recorders on consoles, slot machines, and the first home computers in the 1980s as a racing game. The freeware is not data-intensive with some over 18 megabytes and required little computing power for today's conditions.

Description of the version: F-1 Spirit Remake

In this version, the 80-years feeling comes back up. Instead of a demanding 3D environment, you will find here tiny cars that appear in the bird's eye view. The remake of the classic of racing game with different race modes gives you lots of fun. With a lot of skill and practice, you can get enough points. You should observe, to RAM any enemies or obstacles and to use mainly the pit stops.

Features in the release of the remake of F-1 spirit

• Different racing modes: stock race, rally, F3, F3000, endurance and F-1
• Graphical representation according to the 1980s
• Required operating system for this version: Win98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP

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