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ExtMan offers you the file types function for the operating system Vista, change files.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011


As you know, Vista has its advantages and disadvantages. A disadvantage is for example cumbersome calling the file types function, which is possible only via the registry. Easily change this fact with the help tool ExtMan!

You are looking for the file types tab on the Explorer on Vista in vain? As an XP user, did you used to it so much and would again use this function on the new Microsoft operating system? This is no longer a problem! And you can now use back normal the file type setting with the small freeware program ExtMan. And even as before! Thus, you now no longer need to look at Vista in the Control Panel, but can call directly and specifically the file types tab. The recently modified user functions - which are usually even only a limited possible - you can dispense with ExtMan. In Vista, you can create new file types regularly only via the registry. Also the modification of files is possible only via this route in the new Windows operating system. ExtMan gives you everything at a glance and instantly available.

ExtMan brings all of the features you missed, so even on your Vista and you have to give up anything. It is a simple tool, easy to install and to use. It is pleasure determined friends, to use ExtMan. It is nice, that some program developers strive to the essential things that really helpful programs and help tools. ExtMan is a wonderful example of this! Can only be hope that even Microsoft recognizes this and more to watch, to make such utilities obsolete. However you can expect determined that there will be still inventive programmers, such as those of ExtMan.

Description of the version: ExtMan

With the current version of ExtMan, you can Vista easily fool the operating system and use your frequently used function to the file type change again. The new ExtMan 0.1.5 allows to bypass the route over the Panel in Vista like the Microsoft name XP Explorer files and also quite easy to change you. The functions are easily and clearly structured. Easy download and you can again feel at home! ExtMan makes it possible to you!

The function advantages of ExtMan 0.1.5

• Is the program only big 458.5 KByte
• As freeware available
• Change the file types no longer under system control required
• No limitation of the functions more

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