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Exteel offers hard-hitting robot action that will delight you in the longer term.



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With Exteel, a third-person shooter of the next-generation enters the battle arena. Here the motto is: there can be only one. In Exteel, the challenge is to upgrade your own robot with the right weapons and skills, so that he can master any confrontation. The right choice of weapons and armor is in Exteel as important as the attributes of your bots such as speed, defense, increase firepower or endurance. Because the enemy does not sleep. In action-packed multimedia player battles, you measure you with other players and their battle machines. There is also the possibility. You to duel with the computer and so your skills to increase.

Exteel uses the Unreal Engine 2 and thus guarantees a high graphical standard. The graphic gives you a high-end experience after another. Impressive explosions, huge battle arenas, realistic animations and an endless selection of modern weapon systems. The selection ranges from deadly melee weapons to towering laser and projectile guns. Of course also a cinematic sound and speech must not be missed. In Exteel, different game modes to choose from are you to compete against other players. Territory control, death match, team death match and capture the flag. A key feature of Exteel is the built-in micropayment system, with which you want players against money can buy additional weapons and equipment.

Exteel is completely free of charge and is available for Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. What also speaks for the game, are its low power requirements. Already with a computer with 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM and 1 GB of disk space you're in. If you got the ambition, then download Exteel today about the appropriate download button down and challenge yourself.

What you Exteel all has to offer:

• Grow your own robot to a fighting machine.
• State of the art weapon systems is waiting for you.
• Duel in giant battle arenas.
• Power and speed are required.
• Experience a cinematic soundtrack.
• All completely free of charge.

The development history of Exteel

Exteel was developed by NCsoft game studios and published end of 2007. The game was from the outset as a free multiplayer shooter created and already enjoyed prior to publication about a great popularity and was expected by the Spielecommunity happy. The Chinese version of Exteel was marketed under the title G / Online.

Description of the version: Exteel

Exteel is an online shooter, where you control a robot and fight against other robots. You start with a training session, where you meet the possibilities of your agile robot. He has a high mobility and strong arms, you can focus. In the actual missions you measure you then with other players around the world in the disciplines of DeathMatch, team DeathMatch, territory control and load level. Each mission brings you more gear and weapons.

Description of Exteel in the current version

• Online 3D shooter
• Fight the robots of other players with your robot
• Training session at the start
• 4 different disciplines playable

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