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With exploding marbles 3.0, you hone your skills and your logic in a playful way.



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Exploding Marbles

With exploding marbles 3.0 can be out there everyday for a few minutes. Quick, do you understand this very simple game and can get started right. By the ease of use of exploding marbles 3.0, you move the 64 different coloured marbles on the playing surface. Click on neighboring balls and they so replace that are at least three same-colored balls in a vertical or horizontal line. Therefore, these balls from the game field disappear. For all this have time only a minute, so hurry! Exploding marbles 3.0 is properly call you and ask you some traps that but can you not deter, to become the best player by exploding marbles 3.0.

Achieving the target can be addictive. You want to wipe out all the balls of exploding marbles 3.0 and clean up the entire box. But it slip after new marbles from the top so that you can make more and more rows. A colored line is longer, you can also reach the more points. Therefore you should decide smart, which you move where ball and thus usable bandage to a long chain. With occasional bombs that appear in place of normal, colored balls, can help you saving. Because these bombs used in exploding marbles 3.0 at irregular intervals, to blow up the surrounding marbles. Also, you can keep sporadic power-ups by color changes or increasing your time quota for exploding marbles 3.0 alive.

With us, you can immediately free to download exploding marbles 3.0 and start play. Discover new fun using our secure downloads and will rank leader in our leaderboard. Use all the possibilities that are given to you thanks to the bombs and power-ups. You will find new ways to improve your result in exploding marbles 3.0 and to achieve a higher score. Apply your brain cells to make the longest group with much cunning and skill. Of course is always a good portion of luck.

Other highlights of exploding marbles 3.0:

Playful learning - better overview on the screen •
• Increases responsiveness
• Special kick bombs
• Save you power-ups from the Terminal
• Improve your skill with fun
• Train your spatial and logical thinking

What's new in 3.0 exploding marbles

The new version exploding marbles 3.0 takes over the good game experiences of his predecessors and surprises with improved graphics and entertaining game play.

Description of the version: Exploding Marbles

The new version of the exploding marbles skill game shoot off again colorful balls under pressure of time. The power ups which increase the fun you are new here in any case. This transformed some bullets to bombs or change their color. Some balls can increase even the time account. Also you can sign up now in a leaderboard. With the new background music, the game is fun and joy.

Features in the new version of exploding marbles:

• New of power ups, like for example the turn the balls into bombs, color changes of the balls, etc.
• Registration in the leaderboard
• New background music

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