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eXPert PDF Creator

The eXPert PDF Creator provides you with two very important features in a software package. To the program from any arbitrary document creates a PDF file, on the other hand you can edit eXPert even after your PDF documents PDF Creator with. This is a very important additional function in this regard that the PDF standard format is actually paperless. The editor in the eXPert PDF Creator contains an application for portable document files. The software is available for free download. During the installation, you need to enter only the serial number contained in the ZIP file.

The function of eXPert PDF Creator is extremely simple. First, the program like any conventional PDF Converter converts a document to a PDF file. But now you can make later eXPert PDF Creator still changes the to your PDF document. The PDF Converter into the print menu of your computer like a printer driver. Thus he is any Windows application easily and fully available. You can use the eXPert PDF creator convert simple text, spreadsheets, Web pages, or images in a PDF file. If you have installed the software from Microsoft Office, he appears eXPert PDF Creator in these applications as its own menu item. In addition, you have the ability to protect your files with a 128-bit key from unauthorized access.

Until then, he works eXPert PDF Creator like any normal converter. His special feature shows the next step however. You can open each individual PDF file created with the eXPert PDF Creator with the editor and continue editing. You can remove individual pages, or you can add, you can add comments or objects. You also have the possibility to design your own water character, to include Web links or to edit the text again.

Functions and special features of the eXPert PDF Creator

• Editor feature to edit PDF files
• Inserting and removing pages
• Add objects or comments
• Change the texts
• Conversion of Web pages, text, tables, and images
• Automatic integration in the printer menu and MS Office

System requirements and installation

The user interface of the eXPert PDF Creator is a little getting used to. The download is free and requires 30 MB of free hard disk space. EXPert PDF Creator version 5 runs also under Windows Vista and easily works with Office 2007. The processor of your system must be at least a Pentium 233 MHz, the memory should have a minimum of 64 MB. During the download, the serial number, which is located in the ZIP file, must be entered.

Description of the version: eXPert PDF Creator

The current version of the eXPert PDF Creator can come up with many innovations. Through the integration of the software in the printer selection Web pages, documents, or images can be converted quickly and easily into PDF files. Here, you can decide in which quality, these files will be produced. In addition, this version with a useful Wizard can waiting, which offers you the possibility to combine several PDF files into a document or to attach to existing files.

The most important innovations of the eXPert PDF Creator version 5

• any format can now be converted to a PDF file
• In addition, the processing of documents with the editor is possible
• Insert comments and objects
• perfect image quality after conversion
• Integration of Web links possible

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