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With Exifer you can read the EXIF information from JPG-Digitalotos and change in the blink of an eye.



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Exifer helps you read out and modify the EXIF data of your digital photos (about date, time, exposure, zoom factor, etc.). If you forgot to adjust your digital camera before taking pictures or if you have several times edited your photos and saved, you can restore lost EXIF data.

You passionately like to photograph with your digital camera and did numerous photo archive on your hard drive? At the same time you like editing photos with image editing programs, cut them to change the contrast and colors and name to the photo files, they can more easily identify and sort? Not infrequently, the original camera data to every photo are lost when the many editing and storage steps. If you still have the original unedited photos, you can transfer the lost information on the edited photos using Exifer or adjust, or change, if you forgot to set your camera.

Each photo of a digital camera that IBD. was taken in JPG format, containing the so-called EXIF information (i.e. Exchangable image file information). These include more than 100 standardized parameters (about date, time, exposure, Aperture, zoom factor, focal length, etc.) used digital camera. The free, freely available program Exifer can easily read that data, change, import, and export. If you for example has forgotten to set the date and the time of its digital camera, you can easily change the date using Exifer, accordingly rename the file, and sort his photo albums according to the recording data set by the user. In addition, you can turn the program digital photos without loss of picture information and cropping. With Exifer you can create (that can be seen such as the call of the respective folder) new previews for your photos or show the original preview image of the original photo before an edit.

Exifer is available free of charge, free of charge and can be used indefinitely. If you want to read only the EXIF information of digital photos or change, the programme is ideal.

Description of the version: Exifer

Exifer allows the viewing and the subsequent change of digital camera data, which are stored as EXIF information to each digital photo (in jpg format). So you can photo data recording date, time, exposure, Aperture, zoom factor, find focal length, etc. and correct if they for example are wrong or if they improperly or incompletely hired his digital camera before taking pictures. A free, publicly available application can easily read the EXIF data, change, import, and export.

Exifer's outstanding features at a glance

• EXIF data to jpg photos can be read out in the blink of an eye and corrected
• Lost EXIF information (about date, time, exposure, zoom factor, etc.) can be later restored or added
• Can be used indefinitely, freely available and free

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