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The EXIF viewer gives you detailed information about your digital camera photos.



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The EXIF viewer lets you access your digicam EXIF files - many interesting information about the shot photo are stored, which can be read only with the appropriate software.

Digicams store information regarding the exposure or color saturation in so called EXIF files. These are intended only for the "internal use" of the camera, as a photographer you can not typically access this data - unless you have the EXIF viewer. This program allows you to read the interesting information files of your digital camera.

The user interface of the EXIF viewer is simple and clearly designed and is more or less self explanatory. After you have chosen the path of your image, you can view the information of the respective photos in a clear statement: in addition to the exact name of the camera type, you will learn everything about the shutter speed, metering modes, white balance, resolution and compression. An additional overview provides information about a variety of other parameters and corresponding values. The image comparison function of EXIF viewer is very practical: the comparative photos appear to side by side stating the camera type in a number, below you can see the appropriate parameters, which are also arranged - so you can easily compare each individual value.

Another interesting feature is the statistics function: with it you can determine, for example, the percentage distribution of focal length a selected image group, the percentages are illustrated by colored bars. The information from the EXIF files can be transferred easily to other formats - you can transfer the data, for example, in an Excel data sheet.

Description of the version: Exif-Viewer

The latest program version 2.50 of EXIF viewer is now also easily thanks to the revised installation routine can be used under Windows Vista, the program icon has also been revised. Also raw formats such as DNG or RAW can be read now; the 35 mm equivalence is now displayed when all cameras included in the database. Has been improved also the file renaming feature: separator can be chosen now, the rigid requirements of the previous version have been lifted.

An overview of the improvements of the EXIF viewer 2.50:

• Revised installation routine works also under Windows Vista
• Read raw data formats such as DNG or RAW possible
• Revised 35 mm equivalence display
• Relaxed requirements for the renaming of files

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