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The EXIF reader reads information from digital images and makes it editable.



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Exif Reader

EXIF stands for exchangeable image file format and is a file standard for digital images that are used to store information for inclusion directly in the screen itself. With the EXIF reader, you can read out this information from the images made by friends. This is useful, if you need information about the images in hindsight and otherwise no longer can research them. Because in the rarest of cases to turn notes into the exact settings of the camera. With the EXIF reader you can then not only information about the date and time of the recording read out, but a great deal of information.

These include the orientation of the image as well as the focal length and exposure time, which can be read with the EXIF reader. More data is the aperture setting and the exposure program as well as the ISO value and the GPS coordinates. In addition to the EXIF data can the EXIF reader read the standards of other camera manufacturers such as the TIFF/EP, the TIFF-FX and the NSK-TIFF standard and process. Despite the extensive functions, the program is amazingly small and can be quickly downloaded and installed. The pictures can be read directly from the camera or from any other storage device with the EXIF reader.

Also additional information about the camera and trigger the Flash will be extracted by the EXIF reader and appear on a map to the image. So you can get to all important information about all images made by you with the EXIF reader even after several years. It foresees the EXIF standard, that you the additional information to the image edit can both supplement. So, you can register as an author or save other additions such as comments to the image. The best yourself once you try the program and test the functions with your stored images. You can download the EXIF reader directly from our page about the download function and install.

Features to the EXIF reader:

• Photo software
• reads information from digital photos
• works alongside EXIF formats
• supports a wide variety of cameras
• Freeware
• for Windows 9 x, XP, and 2000

Background information on the EXIF reader

The EXIF reader is a development of the Japanese programmer Ryuuji Yoshimoto. In addition to the EXIF reader offers other programmes in the field of image processing the developer.

Description of the version: Exif Reader

With the new version of EXIF reader, you have a powerful image viewing program, in which the meta information are displayed you digital camera images. In the new version the bugs and errors of the previous versions have been removed completely, continue to work this version multilingual and can read also MOV files. Also, some digital camera models have been updated so that you can use the capabilities of the EXIF reader for pictures of each type of camera.

The most important innovations of the EXIF Reader version 3.0

• New types of cameras are compatible
• Can read also MOV files
• Works now multilingual
• Have been mostly removed bugs and errors of the previous versions

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