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The EMU car Manager offers you the possibility of easy management of your fleet.



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EWU KFZ-Manager

The EMU car Manager make sure you keep all appointments and costs related to your fleet, just at a glance. You collect all the vehicle data in EMU vehicle Manager and can evaluate all performed rides and details of your entire fleet of vehicles. You can create an overview of all costs and schedules for every vehicle with little effort. Although the operation of EMU car Manager is a little getting, for the program but provides you a very solid control over your company fleet.

The EMU car Manager offers you a lot of useful functions. So, you can record each and every vehicle separately in addition to the corporate master data and details of the vehicle owner. The EMU car Manager as well as the load of the vehicle and its temporal availability captures the basic data such as technical equipment, engine data, loading capacity and insurance. Also, the EMU car Manager has a built-in feature that captures all important dates such as inspections and other inspections and reminded you. This program captures all running costs of the fleet, of course separately for the individual vehicles. The prerequisite that the EMU car Manager can work properly and correctly is, of course, consistent and complete data collection. While not capturing the master data is enough of course. You need to gather regularly all revolving around consumption, service, etc.. Only with full details, the EMU car Manager is also really able to create any meaningful statistics about your fleet's friends.

The trial version of EMU car Manager is available free for downloading. She can be used for 30 days, then a paid registration is required. With the trial version you can try all features in EMU vehicle Manager, however during the test phase for a car and a driver. If you want to try the program, you have to click just the button "Download". A wizard will guide you through the installation process. In good time before the expiry of the 30-day trial, you will then prompted to make the paid registration.

The EMU car Manager and its features

• Acquisition of the master data of the business
• Enter the master data of each individual vehicle
• Individual schedule control
• Individual statistics on consumables
• Individual evaluations of the usage
• Statistical overview of the entire fleet

System requirements and download

The EMU car Manager works with the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The download file size is 6 megabytes. The trial version is not limited in its functionality, can be used but only for a car and a driver.

Description of the version: EWU KFZ-Manager

If you manage a fleet have to do, then you know the problems. Vehicles need to be serviced, TÜV dates must be met, taxes and insurance must be paid, etc. And you have to manage more vehicles, it becomes more complex. But you know Yes the EMU car Manager that takes you off these tasks to a large extent and allows you to easily manage a fleet with very many vehicles.

Features of the current version of the EMU car Manager

• Management of a fleet with as many vehicles
• Registration and maintenance of vehicle data
• Automatic appointment management
• Reverse belly list with average fuel consumption
• Repair list shows all work and spare parts

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