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The evil player is simple, functional and complies with the basic tasks of a music player.



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Evil Player

If you're a friend of unobtrusive and compact players and to love listening to Internet radio, then the evil player is right for you. Simple design, fast operation and elementary functions are the hallmarks of this player.

To download of the free player the simplicity and functionality of the program shows already in the interface. In the framing of the black window you will find the basic information for your current music title: time, volume, and duration. The font appears, quite classic, green on a black background, you can set as transparent. Already, the design and the size of the program show that in particular owners of older or slow computers at the resource-saving evil player will have their fun.

Also the operation of evil player is simple and direct. Simply right click in the black window and will take you to the main menu. Here you can set basic functions such as language and playback mode, call individual songs or entire folders and albums from your music library, or searching for titles with the built-in search function. You can change the file information of each title tags. Of course, you can create your own playlists, save and load. The program supports the most popular formats MP1, MP2, MP3, WAV, OGG, MOD, XM, IT, S3M, UMX, MTM and MO3. From the manufacturer's website can easily plug-in the install for more formats, which you can then access the Player menu.

For fans of the Internet radio special interest will the evil player with is compatible. A link to is already integrated in the program menu. Internet streaming is not a problem. The program supports content from SHOUTcast, ICEcast and ICEcast2.

Description of the version: Evil Player

Also the current version of the evil player comes in a slimmer design, practical and space-saving. With features such as transparency and color scheme, the player can be adapted to your desktop theme. Modern tools, such as Internet streaming and - connectivity make the player for you. The music can be fast and loaded with just a few clicks, create playlists and saved. Little bugs of the previous version have been corrected. As a background player in particular by elaborate video programs or games, the evil player is unbeatable.

The most important functions of the evil Player 1.31 at a glance

• Fast loading of music tracks and playlists
• Supports Internet streaming and
• Saves resources
• Supports all popular formats
• Fixed bugs of the previous version
• Ease of use

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