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A good system analysis has been never so easy as with EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50.



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EVEREST Ultimate Edition

EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 recognizes more than 100,000 different hardware devices. You can use EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 so easily determine which components are installed in your computer, really no matter how exotic they may be. The hardware support is continuously expanded and is playable via update at any time. So EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 on the latest state of the art. This is particularly important if it should come to incompatibilities or you simply want to find the latest drivers for your devices. With EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 you keep track about this at any time.

EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 offers you a powerful, compelling, real-time hardware monitoring. So, you can check for example continuous temperature at which your processor or other components have arrived. Also available with EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 important information available about the power consumption and the general functioning of the equipment. All of this information can be represented in Visual form and are easy to use for you.

Really strong is EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 but even then, when it comes to the issue of benchmarking. You can your components with EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 put a stress test, which leads them to the limits of their performance. After you create the test results, you can call this with EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. compare 50 with other users of the program and to see how you're standing there with your performance.

Other features of EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50:

• Low level hardware information
• Software and operating system information
• Safety-related information
• DirectX information
• Fault diagnosis
• Tweaking features

Everest is the successor of AIDA32

EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50 is only the preliminary culmination of a long history of development. Everest succeeded the Diagnostics tool AIDA32, whose developing was discontinued in 2004. The program was so popular that older versions can it be found until today in the network. AIDA32 is something like the classic among the diagnostic tools for many users. The manufacturer of EVEREST Ultimate Edition v5. 50, Lavalys, also looks back on a long history and is active since 2003 in Montreal, Canada. The company is specialized in Diagnostics, hardware monitoring, network audit and Benchmarkingsoftware.

Description of the version: EVEREST Ultimate Edition

The latest version of EVEREST Ultimate Edition can wait with some very useful new features. With comprehensive Benchmarkingfunktionen and hardware monitoring capabilities with real-time reporting, this program is an excellent diagnostic tool for your computer. The stability and performance of your operating system are continuously monitored and recorded. Software that you want to install on your computer, is controlled in detail on malicious files and communicated any abnormalities on you.

The new features of the latest version of EVEREST Ultimate Edition

• Check of the performance through real-time hardware monitoring.
• Simplified user interface with higher user friendliness.
• Improved collection of data on memory and storage devices.
• Automatic system stabilise.

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