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Euro 2008 Manager allows you to manage the entire tournament history of EM on your PC.



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Euro 2008 Manager

The Euro 2008 Manager is a great way to capture all the games and manage for real football fans. Ranging from the group stage through the knockout finals to the final of the euro provides all game data in a clear form Manager 2008. Thus, the euro retains the entire tournament history for you at a glance 2008 Manager. As soon as the group draws are fixed, you can add 2008 each country Manager in the group tables in euros. You have the possibility to update the data on the euro Manager online 2008. So you don't you it, to manually enter the game results and table placement.

Euro 2008 Manager is also able to export the collected data. You can select the time zone in the program itself. The program gives it in different language versions. The tables are automatically updated 2008 Manager of euro, if games have taken place and you have selected the online update. In addition euro inserts the rules for getting ahead of the teams at points as additional information 2008 Manager friends. On the tab "Knock-out finals", after the group stage you can see immediately the pairings, which will meet in the finals. So you can get a complete documentation of the European Football Championship, which you again can access at any time. By exporting data, you're able to tables or send groups also as an email attachment. In Euro 2008 Manager a screenshot function is included, which allows you to make screen prints.

Euro 2008 Manager is available as freeware for free download on the Internet. If you want to get this program on your computer, you can now click on the button "Download". Follow the instructions, then simply at a time, on your screen to complete the installation. The download size for the Windows installation is 438 kilobytes. The program is also in a version for MAC or Linux available.

The functions of Euro 2008 Manager

• Acquisition of group games
• Additional information
• Online update
• Export function
• Possible screenshots
• Windows, MAC or Linux-capable

System requirements and download

Euro 2008 Manager can be used under Windows as well as MAC OS or Linux. You need JAVA for Windows and Linux, for MAC OS is assuming X to be sure the correct program flow. While the Windows version has a download size of 438 KB, 414 MAC and Linux requires only 175 kilobytes. In any case, it is so sure that your system resources are not affected.

Description of the version: Euro 2008 Manager

The current version of the software of the Euro 2008 Manager can await you with helpful new features, that very you facilitate the planning of the game. Through a connection to the Internet, you will receive automatically the latest results from a European Championship or another tournament. Because the software in the Java programming language, Java has been written, you need only the appropriate Java runtime environment for the program.

The most important innovations in the current version of Euro 2008 Manager

• easier download function of the current scores
• Calculating the odds of teams by statistical analysis
• improved user interface
• greater user-friendliness and larger overview

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