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The eraser deletes confidential files from the hard disk securely and reliably.



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  • Updated: 05.03.2014


With the eraser program you may remove confidential files quickly and safely from your hard disk. With the integrated delay function, you can set also automatic deletion dates.

Confidential files anyone on his hard drive has probably - this can be work documents, lists of passwords or personal information of any kind. Mostly, it has filed this data in a safe place on the disk. They are no longer needed, then you delete them - but what many PC users do not know: conventional deleting these files are not really removed from the hard disk. Instead is classified the disk space occupied by the system only as "available" — that is, the supposedly destroyed data can be read without effort, until they actually are overwritten. If you really want to shred, then the Eraser is right for you: the open-source software destroys files reliably and permanently.

The eraser not only removes the confidential files, the now shared scopes are overwritten several times in the same operation. The result: Your data is deleted with the eraser can no longer be reconstructed also with professional recovery software. The function with which you can delay data removal is practical: to you simply specify when automatic deletions should be carried out-so, for example, the temporary storage of Internet can be emptied regularly.

The user interface is kept deliberately simple, to allow an easy entry into the handling of the System cleaner also newcomers. Eraser is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and with various versions of Windows Server.

Description of the version: Eraser

The current version of eraser 6.0.8 has to offer a lot of new features: the Windows Installer has been updated as well as the program menus, the compatibility to Magellan Explorer, total Commander and other file management systems has been improved. Also UNC paths can be deleted with the new software version. The delay mode for scheduled data deletions was again revised and improved, also increased the stability of the program through a variety of bug fixes.

The features of the latest version of eraser 6.0.8 Overview:

• Revised Windows Installer
• Improved compatibility with alternative file managers
• Deletion of UNC paths is possible
• Revised delay function for data deletion
• Increased stability by many minor bug fixes

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