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  • Windows v1.7.0

With the ePSXe v1. 7.0 PlayStation games always play on the PC in best quality.



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With the emulator ePSXe v1. 7.0 is simply to bring its games. The game disc is simply inserted into the DVD drive and started from the menu of ePSX. You can display the game as of the PlayStation wont or exploit the possibilities of your modern PCs and improve the graphics settings. In addition, you no longer have to wait until the next save point and can save at any time. A real advantage of the ePSXe v1. 7.0 compared to the old system on the PlayStation. It was never so easy through its games. If the ePSXe v1. 7.0 to the most popular emulator with the highest compatibility.

The ePSXe v1. 7.0 allows you for example to activate in all games of aliasing and to filter the texture of the game. Never again sacked and blurry animations - even in the oldest play stations games thanks to ePSXe v1. 7.0. The ePSXe v1. 7.0 can properly Polish up old games and makes one forget that it is actually a first-generation PlayStation game. Up to be selected to the HD resolution, can even resolutions that is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

On the ePSXe v1. 7.0 can you continue to use your original PlayStation controller and need not to get used to. If you want to allow the ePSXe v1. 7.0 there you also, to use on your PC every other controller works. So you can use even steering wheels for driving games, which were not compatible with the PlayStation or flight controls for your aircraft simulations. Everything is possible with this emulator.

More ePSXe v1. 7.0-functions:

ePSXe v1. 7.0 is easy to install.
• Emulator is compatible with import games.
• PlayStation graphics is on the ePSXe v1. 7.0 unrecognizable.
• Easily share save files with your friends.
ePSXe v1. 7.0 runs on slow computers.
• Sound output is possible with this emulator on your sound card.

Development of ePSXe v1. 7.0

The ePSXe v1. 7.0 emulator has been increased in 2002 by a group of hobbyists from the baptism. He is constantly being developed and kept on the latest state of the art. Could initially only a handful of games on the ePSXe v1. 7.0 be emulated, almost all commercial games with it are compatible. The project has a long tradition and is actively supported by a broad fan base. The developers offer their users a forum where suggestions and comments about the compatibility can be posted so that the project in the future will be even better.

Description of the version: ePSXe

The current version 1.7.0 of software ePSXe can waiting with some useful new features that assist you in the safe recording of your files. In the new version, for example the internal pad support optimized and also a new ISO support code written. So, you can write to your files faster and convert without having to suffer unnecessary loss of data. The MDEC decoder has been improved and important plugins are already included in the software, so that you not to have to install them.

The most important innovations of the new version of ePSXe:

• Optimization of pad support
• new ISO support code
• new MDEC decoder
• A new version of the software included is Pete's plugin

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