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EncryptOnClick is an easy-to-use program for the encryption and decryption of data.



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Everyone has sensitive data on his computer, which must be protected from unauthorized access. The company internals can be on the notebook, but also private files that are not just designed for everyone's eyes. EncryptOnClick offers a simple and efficient method, to protect data. The software encrypts the text - no matter whether a single file or entire folder - using an algorithm. You need to click only twice and to devise a secure password to friends and already EncryptOnClick has encrypted your data. It is also easy to decrypt data. EncryptOnClick also allows you to compress your maybe very large folder. So, you consume less disk space.

EncryptOnClick is based on the modern 256-bit AES algorithm, which is also used by the U.S. military. AES is the abbreviation for "Advanced Encryption Standard" and was confirmed in 2000 by an American Institute of technology as a standard. AES provides a very high level of security and is used for the encryption of secret government documents in the United States. EncryptOnClick marketed just like the algorithm without license fees and is thus freely available. The system is difficult to crack - and you should note one further aspect of the backup. EncryptOnClick is only as good as the password which you used! If possible choose one, which consists of a loose sequence of letters, numbers, and special characters. Use as no words even when EncryptOnClick, because these are quickly found by special decryption programs and therefore your password can be cracked.

Convinced? Then you need to click to download EncryptOnClick now just waiting for the download button. Then you can protect immediately secure your data with EncryptOnClick from prying eyes.

The most important thing about EncryptOnClick at a glance:

• Encryption program with a high safety factor
• Simple, fast and efficient to use.
• Compatible with all Windows operating systems
• The file size is only 1.5 MB.
• Can also be compressed files and folders.
• Do not forget the password!

Background information:

EncryptOnClick is a symmetric cryptosystem, i.e. the software and decrypted data along the same route. The key for decoding is the same as for the encoding, but more or less "backward" is applied. In addition to AES (based on the example EncryptOnClick) exist other algorithms. Asymmetric cryptosystems use different keys for encryption and decryption.

Description of the version: EncryptOnClick

So that you can backup your most important data and documents from unauthorized access, EncryptOnClick brings all features friends, that are necessary for this. The encryption mechanism of software meets the highest security standards, data encryption is not possible without knowledge of the key. If you put value on the security of your data, you should be sure to watch EncryptOnClick and familiarise yourself with the possibilities.

The main features of EncryptOnClick

• Encryption meets military standards
• Data can be backed up with course master password
• Possible 256-bit AES encryption
• Both individual files and entire folders can be encrypted

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