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Enables fast downloads on the eDonkey network. Free download!



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 13.10.2013


With the Exchange program, you can download everything in the eDonkey.

It is the most popular client for the file-sharing network edonkey. Fast downloads in a sleek application. Can now be accessed eMule even on the Kademlia network, while it takes no special settings of the server more.

The special feature is that you can download with eMule from multiple sources at the same time. The result is a faster download, without annoying crashes. During the download process, the file will be also other users within the eDonkey-network to download available. Despite the many advantages, the most popular place for file sharing eDonkey no longer is. There are now BitTorrent, requiring the uTorrent client.

Description of the version: eMule

In the version it is now also possible on the Kademlia network access.

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