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The challenges: in emergency, 3 wait for illegal street racing, fires and avalanches.



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In the game emergency 3, you take over the control of police, fire, emergency medical services, and technical support staff.

In 20 missions, you can build you the responsibility to coordinate the forces quickly to avert dangers to the site and to save lives. The missions in emergency 3 are always tricky, partly you need to not only one, but several venues in mind to keep and coordinate the forces in different locations. The usage is evaluated after a mission in emergency 3. Losses and mission goals not achieved a role here. How many emergency services have you used? How quickly could you bring the situation under control? Only after this review is the next mission unlocked.

In addition to the missions, there is a free at emergency 3 play where you have to cope with random inserts. This, you need to edit several simultaneously incoming calls and parallel to organize different inserts. The map editor, with which you can create your own levels and locations is new in emergency 3. Also changed was the graphics of the game: emergency 3 for the first time comes with a free zooming - and rotatable 3D graphics. Rain and shadow effects seem even more realistic.

The gameplay of emergency 3 focuses on classic real-time strategy game: with the left mouse button, you click on the individual units, with the right mouse button drag it to the location of the mouse cursor, to perform actions. A total of 3 are you at emergency 40 units available: in addition to police, fire and rescue service, an engineer and technical assistants are in emergency 3 for the first time mentioned in the game TEC. For example, barriers and control boxes be repaired with them.

Information about emergency 3:

• 20 thrilling missions
• 40 Units - fire, police & emergency services
• Realistic graphics effects in 3D
• Rotating and zooming - camera
• Map Editor to create new locations
• realistic change of day and night

The emergency series

Emergency 3 is part of a series of rescue simulations. Under the title emergency, sixteen tons entertainment developed since 1998 takes control of the units of police, fire and rescue services over computer games, in which the player. This must include industrial fires extinguished, are rescued accident victims or avalanche victims free. Topware was publisher of the first part, part 2 was published by take 2. Emergency 3 was released by Rondo media.

Description of the version: Emergency

3 Emergency rescue simulation requires your full commitment as a modern rescue team leader again. 20 Brand new and exciting missions must be in realistic 3D environment saved lives and prevented large scale disasters. This 40 rescue units are based on real models available, waiting for your command. The realistic physics effects give you no time for a breather and put your strategic skills to a hard test.

These are the new features of emergency 3

• 20 new and exciting missions provide thrills
• 40 Rescue units to the real role models
• Realistic 3D graphics of characters and environment
• Realistic physics effects for more depth

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