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EMDB - Eric's movie database sorted, completes, and manages your DVDs.



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EMDB - Eric's Movie Database

With the free software EMDB - Eric's movie database, you can easily manage your DVD collection.

The program sorted the movies by different factors and complement missing information by itself.

Film buffs can get an overview of your DVD and TV show easily with EMDB - Eric's movie database collection, because the free tool maintains all movies. Thereby, EMBD - Eric's movie database is very easy to set up. You can export all the movies in the database via the "Add" button. The program then automatically searches your computer for existing movies and adds them to the database. Inserted DVDs you can also easily add via the button.

EMDB - Eric's movie database sorts the DVDs or TV shows according to different criteria and complete missing information such as Director and year of publication by itself. Sure enough the click on "IMBD search", and he gets online at the Internet Movie Database (IMBD) and extracts the information. You are looking for specific information, the input of the title is enough, and the database spits out all matching. The gathered information you can either print out or export. You can rate any movie in the database and add to lists, so you can find your favorite movies faster. The playing of DVDs runs over an external playback program that is not in the free software. EMDB - Eric's movie database's design was modelled on a wooden shelf, the films are displayed as thumbnail in it. This interface completes the virtual movie shelves so creative.

You can free download EMDB - Eric's movie database with us. Just press the download button to download and the installation will start.

Description of the version: EMDB - Eric's Movie Database

The current version 1.26 EMDB - Eric's movie database offers some innovations to the older versions. Many additional tools have been added such as for example the loan Tracker. The new built-in search function enables you to find your movies faster and easier. In addition the possibility of collection in TXT export now, to CSV and HTML. EMDB - Eric's movie database is now available in many languages, including also in German.

The latest features in version 1.26 from EMDB - Eric's movie database

• New tools such as loan Tracker
• New search function for a faster search
• Export the collection in TXT, CSV and HTML
• Output language in German

EMDB - Eric's Movie Database eric’s movie database emdb---erics-movie-database emdb-erics-movie-database

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