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EMCO Network Inventory Starter

Your job as a network administrator is certainly not an easy. Now in their profession or in the private sector at events where many computers are connected together: it is not easy to keep track of all systems in the network and to guarantee a smooth. Maybe you interested therefore a software that can assist you in your tasks and provides you all the information you need for your administration activity.

In this case, it is time for EMCO network inventory starter, the powerful network tool for monitoring and control of all participants in the network. EMCO network inventory Starter is easier it friends, noticing the everyday tasks of the network monitoring and to take care of the other systems. EMCO network inventory Starter prepared a large number of data for you, that give you detailed knowledge about the activities of the network, emerging issues and possible solutions for this.

EMCO network inventory Starter gives you advanced remote computer support. EMCO network inventory Starter allows you therefore, to access the clients on your network, without that you wouldn't have to sit directly on the device. You can access the network boundaries, for example on the control panel of the computer, or install new software programs. So from a point of effectively control your network with EMCO network inventory starter. EMCO network inventory Starter is also available in a test version, which you can download here for free.

Other features of EMCO network inventory Starter:

• All data reports exportable
• Access, Excel, PDF, HTML or XML export
• Monitoring of the hardware components
• Editing the registry
• Files search
• Display running processes

The developers of EMCO network inventory Starter

EMCO network inventory network program is developed by the company EMCO Software Ltd. starter. EMCO network inventory Starter is available since 2004 and since then no longer indispensable for many users from the everyday work. The company was founded in 2001 in Iceland and has become with innovative software solutions quickly. It is represented worldwide with its software and is committed to great, new innovations in the future. EMCO network inventory runs on the Windows operating systems Win98/Me/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7 starter.

Description of the version: EMCO Network Inventory Starter

In the new version of EMCO network inventory Starter has been implemented now the "Active Directory Scan" function. As a result, you can find devices in a network rather than using the normal search, but by the much faster query Active Directory. The type of scan you can it previously set and so always decide what search you want to use. Still, some known problems have been fixed.

New features of EMCO network inventory Starter 5.7

• Now supports a query against Active Directory
• Faster through Active Directory scan
• Fixed wrong progress display
• Help menu stops disappears

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