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The ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 is filled in a few simple steps without much paperwork from you.



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ElsterFormular 2009/2010

You now get the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 in the Internet as a download. In just four steps, you have downloaded the form and can begin with the entries. First you have to download complete package "ElsterFormular for 2009/2010" on your PC. The file you get is called "ElsterFormular2009-Setup.exe". If you want to make sure that your ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 really comes from the German tax authorities, you can control the so-called fingerprint of your downloads now as next. It is very important to you, for example, to protect against data thieves. You can ask for the matching fingerprint of the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 at the Bavarian Landesamtfür taxes. A few short hand grips and you can make you reassured in filling out the form.

The ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 provides many convenient features for you. If you already gave off a return to the traditional way, so on paper, you'll recognize the surface. In the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010, there is the surface of the same form as in the print version. You get a helper function in the scope of the official manual, and can be able to calculate the applicable tax you during the input again. You use the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 for the umpteenth time, then you can access the data acquisition function. You have also a comparison function, which you can use to check the statement data and the data of the tax assessment notice.

You can send the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 after your application over the Internet through a secure transmission to the tax administration. The advantages of the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 are clearly obvious. The paperless tax is not applicable for you and you can print out a compressed tax return as well as the transfer protocol you.

The ElsterFormular for 2009/2010 supports the following statements:

• the income tax return 2009
• the turnover tax return for 2009 and the advance tax return 2010
• the wage tax return 2010
• the income tax certificate 2010
• the commercial tax return 2009
• the revenue surplus Bill 2009

System requirements for the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010

You need at least a 200 MB free disk space, a 512 MB of RAM, a processor running at 500 MHz or faster, of course Internet access, a program for displaying PDF files and a printer, if you want to print out for example the Declaration from the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010.

Description of the version: ElsterFormular 2009/2010

With the ElsterFormular for 2009/2010, you can fill out more forms for the IRS than ever before. Newly added is the revenue surplus account for 2009, you need to determine your profit as a small trader or freelancer. The application for benefit of not taken profits in accordance with § 34a ITA 2009 is now also included. Also, the Windows 7 operating system is supported for the first time.

The current version of ElsterFormular offers these features

• Einkommens-, sales and trade tax declarations 2009
• Revenue surplus account for 2009
• Application for benefit of not taken profit 2009
• Advance turnover tax return for 2010
• Income tax certificate and registration for 2010
• Support for Windows 7

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