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The electronic sheep is the welcome break itself apart from working for anyone.



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Electronic Sheep

Hours working on the computer can be sometimes quite strenuous and especially if you stare has texts on and your eyes are quickly tired of the eternal staring at the monitor. Of course, there's the screen saver in the meantime provide variety, but whenever the mouse is moved, this show is already over and the old fixed image appears. With the electronic sheep you can set up from now on a little exhilaration on your screen, without that he distracts you from working too much, but enough to keep you in a good mood and make you refreshing society.

The electronic sheep you can on the Internet free download and install. Thus you has the electronic sheep at any time as an icon on your desktop that is ready, and if you click twice on the icon, a sheep, the so-called electronic sheep from the "screen"sky falls down and lands where it is just stop by chance. The sweet sheep is not greater than your keyboard keys, wears a white wool, runs on short legs, and has purple ears. The electronic sheep lets you work alone and neither intrusive nor annoying behaves. If it should really stand in the way, you can move it easily with the help of the mouse to a different part of the screen.

The great thing about the electronic sheep is that you can predict, what it will do next. Once running it back and forth on the bottom taskbar or tries to climb up the screen and slips down permanently. Another time it smelled your text or keeps just a NAP. And if an electronic sheep is too little friends, then click just once or several times on the electronic sheep icon and already fly more electronic sheep mascot down and play together or bouncing against each other when they are run on the way. If it gets you too much, just click with the right mouse button on the electronic sheep and you can it simply disappear.

So much fun with electronic sheep:

• Free download electronic sheep.
• With a double a small flock flies down.
• The sweet sheep has many ideas on what can make it on your screen.
• It is super easy to clean and doesn't bother you while working.
Electronic sheep can deal with wonderfully with his like-minded friends.
• Perfectly integrated change on your screen.

Operating system:

The electronic sheep is installable on the operating systems Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000.

Description of the version: Electronic Sheep

The current version of the electronic SHEEPS brings you a funny sheep on the desktop. It is animated and really getting into movement. If you have enabled it once, it moves freely across your entire screen and for a change. So, it can perform such acrobatic feats or fall of desktop icons. When the cute little sheep you too much, you can disable it easily.

You get that with electronic sheep 1.0

• Animated sheep makes your desktop interesting.
• Sheep running around, turns, dropped by icons.
• Amusing diversion for in between.
• Can be deactivated at any time.

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