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The ideal tool, is called to test the range of your W-LAN, Ekahau HeatMapper.



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Ekahau HeatMapper

One often wonders how far it actually comes in the garden with his laptop, without losing the connection. With the Ekahau HeatMapper you can determine just that by creating a map.

You always have you ever wanted to know what exactly does your W-LAN for a range? How exactly your environment or your environment by your W-LAN is covered and whether your neighbor perhaps has the opportunity to receive your W-LAN? This is no longer a problem with the Ekahau HeatMapper.

With free software, you can create simply a clear map of your area, where you will be shown where and with what strength your Wi-Fi works. All you need is a laptop that either functionality offers a built-in W-LAN but a W-LAN-stick or a W-LAN card. At best, you have then a map from your environment, you can download the software. If you have none, you can create one quickly with programs that you find here. This card is even finished, and did you successfully loaded it in the program, you can get started. Best you start directly to the router and there is the starting point on the map, where you're just. Now you run continually from the router in a direction determined by friends and sets points in the places, where you then are in between. You wist notice that the part fills more and more red, which means that the reception is poor. At this point you start to run to your router with increasingly circles. Vergiaa not, every now and then points to where you are. So, you've created a meaningful map with the Ekahau HeatMapper gradually.

The Ekahau HeatMapper is freeware and can be downloaded here.

Description of the version: Ekahau HeatMapper

The Ekahau HeatMapper has version many features 1.02, which help you create a meaningful map of Wi-Fi range. So, you can download quickly and easily your own maps in the software, then enter your routes to. In the current version you can draw a quick and easy with the mouse or the touchpad route points, which show you where you've been and where you are right now. You can print these friends then comfortably at home. Many bugs have been fixed in the current version.

Features and improvements of the Ekahau HeatMappers 1.02:

• Simple drawing and creating your W-LAN coverage maps
• Easy setting route points on your own map
• Several bugs were fixed in this release

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