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The setting test trainer 6.0 makes you fit for the aptitude test in your desired profession.



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It's never been easier to train an aptitude test: with a single click you can download friends the recruitment Manager 6.0 as a trial. The recruitment Manager 6.0 can be installed on any PC with the operating systems Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you want to immediately buy the Settings Manager 6.0, you can download the software after five minutes. Then you can click only on one of the over 200 occupational profiles. They range from A for opticians to Z like dental technician. Determined is also your desired profession! Academic professions are represented in the database.

You can do an aptitude test for all possible equivalency with the recruitment Manager 6.0. The setting test trainer 6.0 queries your skills such as general knowledge, logic, concentration or skills for your favorite occupation. Questions from the fields of mathematics, economics or computer science provides the setting test trainer 6.0 in different difficulty levels. One click - and the first of 100 questions appears on the screen. You just answer that and the recruitment Manager 6.0 further takes you through the program. You can get a sense of what typical questions used in the recruitment tests with the time so. If you all answered the questions, the recruitment Manager 6.0 informs your score you. Store and forward, because these exercises you achieving an advantage over all the other candidates you intended.

The test can be repeated any number of times with the recruitment Manager 6.0. You can make it faster next time, then the examination situation under time pressure is adjusted.

Benefits recruitment trainer 6.0:

• Free trial available
• preparing to face stressful test situations
• provides tests to about 200 job descriptions
• simulated button test situation under time pressure
• offers a general aptitude test
• can be set to different levels of difficulty

The recruitment Manager of 6.0 and its development

The recruitment Manager 6.0 was developed profession 2000 GmbH company, which is native to the southern Neufahrn. They developed software solutions. Together with the psychologist Regina Scheidt, the computational linguist Dr. Michael Scheidt developed the software program recruitment Manager 6.0. The profession-specific tests arise special issue proceedings. The software is in its sixth generation.

Description of the version: Einstellungstest-Trainer

Métier 2000 offers you a user-friendly software to prepare for testing and application situations with the recruitment Manager. Prepare yourself for test questions under time pressure with the trainer and learn how you professionally answer in job interviews questions your conversation partner. The setting test trainer introduces you in the requirements of various professional groups - by the dispatchers through the booksellers down to the webmaster, so that you are perfectly prepared for your dream job.

Particularities of the setting test trainer 6.0

• Test profiles for different professions
• Simulation of test situations under time pressure
• Teach skills such as concentration, logic and general knowledge
• Statistical analysis of the test results

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