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The shopping Planner is the ideal solution for a relaxing and organised life.



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Also remember that if you come from the shopping home and you think you've forgotten something important? If you're lucky, it is like a still at checkout and you went back quickly. Or you get beaten ten minutes prior to the shelf with a huge selection for a product and compare prices and can not decide whether you're supposed to take A or B. With the new shopping Planner, these difficulties are likely to now belong to your past.

The shopping Planner will save you a lot of time and stress. You can set the shopping Planner on the range of different discount stores penny mark and many more, such as Aldi, Lidl, plus. Once you have selected a range, you can see all leading article of this supermarket and also have the prices in mind. The shopping Planner will calculate when you create your shopping list is equal to the total amount, so you know how much you will pay for this purchase before checkout. Online, your shopping Planner regularly updated prices for all goods.

A very handy feature of the shopping Planner is that you can create you a meal plan for the week and thus can buy all the necessary food for it in advance. Thus you can come every day during the week relaxed home, without having to ponder what you eat today and if you ever have the necessary things for at home. The shopping planner also has a function called recipe management and with which you have all your saved recipes at a glance. Now you need to the shopping Planner tell only, that you want to eat potato casserole on Thursday and already he tells you what ingredients you need. With a click of your shopping list, you can add all the remaining ingredients. The shopping Planner is installable on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The demo version for the shopping Planner can be downloaded up to ten times for free and is always fully functional.

What speaks for the shopping Planner:

• Take care to have your purchase relaxed and without the fear of something forgotten.
• Purchasing only the articles you've written at home well considered.
You know • in advance how much your purchase will cost.
• Create your own meal plan for the week.
• The recipe function you'll recalls automatically still missing ingredients.
• Any do your shopping Planner on your supermarket assortment.

Good to know:

Of course, the shopping Planner not prevent you to buy things that are not on your shopping list. Make your healthy eating not in danger, it is therefore advisable to enter the supermarket with an empty stomach. Because a hungry stomach but rather gives the tempting looking pizza or nibbling a table like fast chocolate on the way home.

Description of the version: Einkaufsplaner

The new version of 6.2.6 of the shopping Planner is slightly simpler and more clearly designed from the user interface, plus new icons and graphics that bring fun into the plan. The list of recipes has been also extended to some points. Product prices are now, if an Internet connection exists, constantly updated and registered with the shopping list. You can select the favored store chain here now systematically and independently, the program looks for the prices.

Some innovations in the 6.2.6 shopping Planner

• New graphics and icons
• Extension of the recipe list
• More clarity in the user interface
• Continuous updating of product prices for access to the Internet

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