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EasyHDR Pro is a simple HDR software to create and edit HDR photos.



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What is HDR? To produce HDR photos, you need to first create a sequence of multiple photos of the same subject. The ultimate: These photos have to differ with regard to exposure, so light sensitivity, and shutter speed. EasyHDR Pro can you these photos to a new image "merge"; in this way, the HDR photo will receive a much higher contrast range, as it allows the conventional photography. Photos look livelier and much more – the developer of EasyHDR Pro speaking of a higher "drama" of the image.

One of the central elements of HDR photography is the so-called "tone mapping". With tone mapping actually contrast values in the image are adjusted and reduced in this way. EasyHDR Pro uses own, HDR-specific tone-mapping operators, allowing a far more dynamic contrast range than ordinary image compression. Simply put: EasyHDR Pro adds the individual images into a single image dynamic range. Crucial in this process is that image content that is lost when a single photo because of over - or under exposure or noise, are supplemented by EasyHDR Pro from the other photos. The HDR photo created with EasyHDR Pro thus corrected the physical limitations of the image exposure.

EasyHDR Pro focuses on HDR photography: has except the creation of HDR photos and EasyHDR Pro needs no further functions. Already that's why EasyHDR Pro user interface is very manageable and accessible. Your photos loaded into the program can still be turned if necessary and are then ready to be assembled to a HDR photo. The following option menu, you can perform some fine tuning and set for example the exposure distance of the photo sequence. After that, the photos are processed.

EasyHDR Pro in detail:

• Import from JPEG, TIFF, or RAR photos
with LDR enhancement •, you can edit individual photos
• automatic readout of EXIF information
• various tone mapping operators (global and local)
• Photos can be shot and edited
• free trial

HDR and HDR software

You can free download and try unlimited EasyHDR Pro as a shareware version. Unlike the full version, the shareware copies however small "watermark" in the image, which are designed to prevent further processing of HDR photos. If you want to register EasyHDR Pro, you can save a lot of money compared to professional photo suites with HDR function.

Description of the version: EasyHDR PRO

The current version of EasyHDR PRO software offers you some very useful and interesting innovations. For example, you can optimally offset with the hand alignment tool shifts and twists and perfectly align the images. To adjust the contrast, you can now use a Gradiationskurve for fine tuning. Post processing is done with the tone mapping, you ensure that your edits will suffer no loss of quality.

The most important innovations in the current version of EasyHDR PRO

• Improved user interface with easier user guidance
• Optimized alignment of images by alignment tool
• No loss of quality during post-production
• Perfect contrast setting by Gradiationskurve

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