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EasyBCD is a useful tool for all those who want to replace Vista or XP through Windows 7.



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Regularly there are new Windows operating systems and regularly you must remove the old, if you want to stay updated on the latest. If you remove from the boot menu Vista or XP want to use Windows 7, then use EasyBCD best.

Every parting is difficult, unless something better is now available: Windows 7 is the new, modern and high-performance operating system from the home of Microsoft, which gradually to replace its predecessor, Vista, and XP on old computers. But how is it the old PC, if you want to take advantage of the new operating system? You used the best the helpful freeware utility EasyBCD which simply removed the earlier versions of Windows by mouse click from the boot menu.

In the options of the program, you can easily back up the MBR (master boot record) can be and then select the versions of Windows through the Add/Remove button which should no longer be raised. In this respect the program offers nothing that you could do in the BIOS or the Windows command line BCDedit although, but is significantly easier to use EasyBCD, and not only for computer scientists and programmers with a university degree to understand.

You will find the most important explanations and guidance on the Windows Web site, if you have any questions about the program. It offers a simple, but especially straightforward and easy to understand user interface, where you can work easily. Although the program is primarily designed for a purpose, you can use other functions therefore, which are also very easy to set and accomplish. If you have built into Windows 7, and your in exile want to send old Vista or XP, the EasyBCD tool is a very simple tool. But, you should save all old settings in a backup prior to the change of the boat register, so that you can undo them if necessary.

Description of the version: EasyBCD

The latest version of EasyBCD 2.0.2 offers some advantages and amenities that you had to miss in previous versions. For example, now also the new Windows 7 BootScreen is supported, and there is a feature to restore boot files. The confusion of tongues with English - and German-speaking files was largely fixed, EasyBCD works better on your computer. In addition, numerous errors and bugs of the previous versions have been eliminated.

The most important innovations of the EasyBCD

Supported • new Windows 7 BootScreen
• Feature for recovering boot files
• Be better collected in non-English languages
• Error undBugs the previous versions were mostly eradicated

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