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Easy2Coach pro football Edition is a very effective football management software on the market.



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Easy2Coach Pro - Fußball Edition

Are you a trainer, supervisor, youth leader or Chairman of a football club? Then Easy2Coach pro football Edition is the right management software for you and your home PC, your laptop on the road and where ever you want. Easy2Coach pro football Edition is a very elaborate Football Manager, which will restrict you in implementing your ideas for a team in any way. You can manage your players, organize teams, capture game days, and then watch your team in the table top climbs and won the Championship. Analyze your games and make it even better next season. With Easy2Coach pro football Edition anything is possible.

Easy2Coach pro football Edition is wonderfully easy to use due to its ingenious construction. It is not only to a single program, but a compilation of modules. You start only the module, where you just want to work, for example the team data, training or module for the day. The control is so much faster and more efficient. No other football management software offers a such high visibility through such a modularization. There are also modules for the player data for statistics, League table, and many more in Easy2Coach pro football Edition.

Place in Easy2Coach pro football Edition a team, which you can use to beat the opposing teams on the square. It is really exciting for you when the matches start and you can watch how your team is on the field. Collect moves of your players by dashed, curved and unbroken curves to represent the actions of the player. In Easy2Coach pro football Edition walkways, passports and weft directions can be show.

Other functions by Easy2Coach pro football Edition

• 7, 8 and 9 formation for youth
• Print out for tactics, goal statistics and training planning
• System backup
• your own graphic files can be incorporated
• up to twelve substitutions possible
• Indication of delays

What are the advantages of Easy2Coach pro football Edition?

Easy2Coach pro football Edition enhances the Organization and brings a high time savings. Easy2Coach pro football Edition has an extensive calendar, which clearly brings together all of the tasks and data one. The performance of the team is closely observed and the practice archive facilitates one to make a really varied training. And for webmasters Easy2Coach pro football Edition export functions offered to publish statistics and graphs quickly on the Club homepage.

Description of the version: Easy2Coach Pro - Fußball Edition

The current version of the computer game, in which you train your own football team and manage, has some improvements to show. It is now compatible with Windows Vista. You can set up the training according to normal strength, running, tactic and special units. Also, the graphics engine has been improved so that you can create professional football graphics. The new built-in suggestions for tactics, goal statistics and training planning help you in considering your strategy.

The main features of Easy2Coach Pro 2.3.1 - football Edition

• Fully improved creation of football graphics.
• Windows Vista compatible.
• Training in different areas divided.
• System backup.
• Selection between 12 strengths for the players such as such as header strength.

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