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"easy Web site" is the cornerstone for your own homepage - and for your success.



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Easy Website Pro

With the "easy Web site" software you can build quickly - and without any programming knowledge - your own Internet platform. Your own page is caused by the gradual insertion of data and graphics so quickly. No idea for the look of himself? "easy Web site" provides pre-made designs and templates you and guides you step by step to success. With the preview function of "easy Web site" you can see then, how to look your homepage on the net.

You can set many more functions with "easy Web site" in your Internet site. Whether running a video greeting, a photo slide show or your personal favorite music, "easy Web site" provides the right tools available. The most common formats such as jpg, bmp, gif, tif, mp3, wav, mid, mpeg, avi or swf are supported by "easy Web site". You can make interesting and alive your homepage pictures, music or animations - with this function.

Whether commercial or private. For both, "easy Web site" offers different licenses. With the commercial license, you're in possession of the PayPal function. With this, you can sell your services and offers from your home page. And with the E-Mail function directly in contact with your customers, fans or friends come - from the home page of to communicate with you on this path. With the "clean HTML code" you relieve search engines find your site - you increase your search engine ranking with "easy Web site" and lying on the top places by Google and co.

Features of "easy Web site"

• Step by step insert the data
• Pre-made designs and templates
• PayPal function
• Clean HTML code - improves the search engine ranking
• Add music, pictures and videos
• 100% Vista compatible

Advertising on the Internet

Internet is communication. Communication is dialogue. Dialogue is advertising. More and more companies, associations and other users of the World Wide Web recognize the advantage of the "social media marketing", the advertising on the Internet and implement it. This includes that you professionally put his place on the Internet. With "easy Web site", you put the Foundation for your successful Internet presence. The software helps you quickly and easily to create a basis for your ideas. Step by step "easy Web site" helps you create the site. Create your own logos or the perfect staging of a professional intro BB´s. SORG sure that your clients or friends perceive you, and sit in the scene. No matter what you're doing - with "easy Web site" it will be a complete success.

Description of the version: Easy Website Pro

Compared to its predecessor, the latest version of easy website Pro offers several advantages, which links create an individual website with even more fun. New design templates offer you even more ways to create your very own website. Also, you can get your website created with easy website Pro also via your iPhone. Another new feature is the included clean HTML code that increases your ranking in the search engines and automatically increases your awareness.

New features for easy website Pro version 4

• New design templates
• Increase the ranking in search engines
• Insert a search object for Google and Yahoo
• Industry-related active templates
• Program compatible for Vista

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