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With the new easy graphic converter, you can edit several image files at once.



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Easy Graphic Converter

You have lots of old image files on your computer? Then you can edit now newly with the current easy graphic converter. Some old formats are no longer supported on new computers. This is no problem in the future more for you. The new easy graphic converter converts to all common image formats image files, which are supported on your new computer. You can modify several files at the same time with the easy graphic converter. This is very useful, because you can save a lot of time to.

You want to make your parents a joy where you carry all your old pictures with a new quality? This is a no-brainer with the new easy graphic converter. The user-friendly interface allows you to quickly, and you can start immediately after installation. No complicated settings are necessary to tell the current easy graphic converter, what you want. The current easy graphic converter does work completely independently. It requires only a few basic details and dimensions of the old format.

On this page, you can quickly and easily download the current easy graphic converter, and install on your computer in just a few steps. A lot of helpful tools and an Assistant support you in your work. You can change not only the size and format with the new easy graphic converter. A concise statement of the existing tools show you what can your easy graphic converter. The converter can import all formats and export. Are no limits it him. The current easy graphic converter makes you a pro in image editing, without that you need any prior knowledge.

The new easy graphic converter at a glance:

• Conversion of multiple image files at the same time possible
• Import and export of all common graphics formats
• Allows a quick editing
• User friendly interface
• Help tags and wizards

System requirements for the current easy graphic converter

You will need for the program the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, me, 2000, XP or Vista and a processor from the Intel Pentium II. your computer should have a memory of at least 512 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 5 megabytes for the installation. You need to provide space for the images separately. You will also need the DirectX from 9.0.

Description of the version: Easy Graphic Converter

Now you can convert your images with the new easy graphic converter even faster and easier. Now your images can be easily mouse click in more different formats reduce or convert. Also thumbnails can be newly created, and in two sizes. On request you can convert at once now also folders: so your images succeed even better.

The new easy graphic converter at a glance

• New version Converts mouse click in even more various image formats.
• Easily create thumbnails in two different sizes
• Converting entire folders is now possible

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