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With Earth alerts 2011, you can inform you comprehensively about the weather in the world.



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Earth Alerts

Almost every day, in the news, you hear messages about natural disasters. With the program of Earth alerts 2011 you can, you to provide weather warnings and threatening forces of nature worldwide about the current weather conditions.

The program of Earth alerts 2011 actually serves the civil protection and serves as an early warning system from menacing forces of nature. Currently, you can use this warning system for you. Although the special focus on America, but you can choose this information also for your hometown. Leech if you're on the way to school, work or other activities, with Earth alerts 2011, what the day weather holds for you know.

In addition to the detailed weather forecast, the program of Earth alerts 2011 has to offer some other benefits for you. So, you can find many reports on the various forces of threatening nature. Focus not only the cyclones, hurricanes and tsunamis, but also seismic activity, volcanic eruptions, or forest fires. With the command "New Location" you can simply add your hometown. Then, you always get the current severe weather warnings, which are available for this region. The program of Earth alerts 2011 has an interface to Google. About this you can show you satellite images, images of the webcams, or current news from Google. You will receive also current images about the evolution of the situation not only a reliable report.

Through the various functions, Earth alerts bundles 2011 so to speak all the important weather information for you. This is also useful if you planned a trip. With the entry of the resort you can inform yourself about the current weather situation and present severe weather warnings. This protects you from unpleasant surprises.

Description of the version: Earth Alerts

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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