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The EA Download Manager is an online store for direct download for games the brand EA.



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EA Download Manager

The EA Download Manager is a platform to easily buy games EA brand over the Internet and to download. You simply choose the desired games and download them onto your hard disk.

The EA Download Manager combines the functions of a media platform with which a download software. You download comfortably all the brand EA games on your computer and can install them directly. Much like at a paid music downloads are charged via the platform. You first put an EA ID in the program and get to your own account for game downloads. In addition, you may the account with various online platforms such as Facebook, X-box Live Gamertag or PlayStation Network link.

In the EA Download Manager are various payment options available, for example, by credit card or click & buy. After the purchase of the game you have the possibility to withdraw from the purchase, up to 14 days but only, as long as you still have not downloaded the game. A special function in the EA Download Manager is the link of the games with your personal EA ID. Thus, you can play the games from any desired computer which has Internet access. Some games contain more bonuses over the DVD versions, for example, certain extras in the game.

The EA Download Manager is designed with the idea of completely the digital way to switch to the sales of computer games. The online shop for games is freely available to anyone. The common Windows operating systems are supported by the software, so you can install the program on any computer. The file size is less than 34 megabytes, so the program takes up too much space. The Spieledownloader is worthwhile especially for users with a high Internet bandwidth.

Description of the version: EA Download Manager

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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