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The E3MC Windows shutdown timer you can program various commands for the system.



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E3MC Windows Shutdown Timer

With the free program E3MC Windows shutdown timer you can automatically shutdown your computer at a specific, set time, restart or log off the user or change.

The E3MC Windows shutdown timer an important function adds to Windows, which greatly facilitates the work and dealing with the computer. Often it happens that unexpectedly leave the workplace, without that you will turn off the computer or turn on standby mode. This can be a problem, because on the one hand unnecessary electricity is consumed, on the other hand circumstances other users files can be accessed.

Because Windows offers no solution for appropriate cases, you can make friends with the E3MC Windows shutdown timer remedy. The free program you set easy, after how much time the system should log off the user or shut down. This way, you can prevent the case about the computer remains switched on accidentally the whole night. Or but the situation occurs that you still have to wait, an installation or a download is finished and you leave the computer at the same time. Also a new start can be programmed E3MC Windows shutdown timer with the, which can be useful if you have installed a program that can be used only after a reboot.

The menu of the E3MC Windows shutdown timer is very colorful and easy. Large labeled icons are the various options (log off, standby, shutdown and power off reboot,) represented. Have you clicked on an icon, so you set directly, what should happen. For this you can either type, the action should be performed after how many minutes or you program it for a precise time.

Description of the version: E3MC Windows Shutdown Timer

The latest version of the E3MC Windows shutdown timer is compatible with win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. With a size of 5.0 MB used relatively little disk space on your computer. Compared to previous version corrected some incorrect settings and optimized functionality. That is to say, the menu has become even clearer and the commands even clearer and clearer to understand. Thus, no more questions remain open for the optimal control of various functions.

The improvements of the E3MC Windows shutdown timer at a glance

• Compatible with win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
• Compact size 5.0 MB
• Still easier operation
• Nor cleaner menu
•More and more attractive design

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