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The current Dziobas RAR player makes the home theater to a unique experience.



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Dziobas Rar Player

Do you know that too? You can find your favorite movie on the Internet and but do not know how is the sound and picture quality. With the Dziobas RAR player you can during the downloads see the individual film sequences and check the quality of sound and image. You're not convinced of it then you can cancel at any time. The new Dziobas RAR player gives you many filters in real time to change the look and add sound effects. A wizard guides you step by step through the process. Easier video editing is not, as with the current Dziobas RAR player.

Why you ask you not your own individual movies collection together and surprise your friends with special effects during playback? The current Dziobas RAR Player helps you. You can synchronize foreign videos with subtitles and did so as first the latest movies on your computer. The Dziobas RAR player provides you the necessary tools for this. It's possible to show you the still incomplete video files preview. That gives the sound and picture quality of your new film you already before the end of the installation an overview.

On this page, you can quickly and easily download rar the new Dziobas player and install it on your computer in just a few steps. The user-friendly interface of the current Dziobas RAR player allows you a very simple operation. You have no experience in video editing, to present professional movie enjoyment. Your relatives and friends will be amazed what you all with the new Dziobas RAR can do player. They just invite an individual video evening and check out your new creations from your Dziobas RAR player.

The new Dziobas RAR player at a glance:

• Play back clips in all formats
• Playback of incomplete films in RAR archives possible
• Numerous special functions
• Change the optics possible
• Preview function of all incomplete films
• Supports, RAR, MVK, AVI, MPEG, DVD, Ogg Vorbis,

System requirements for the current Dziobas RAR player

For the new Dziobas RAR player you need the operating system Microsoft Windows 98, me, 2000, NT, XP, 2003 or Vista, and a processor with at least 200 megahertz frequency. Your computer should have a memory of at least 64 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 100 megabytes. You will also need a video card with at least 64 megabytes and the DirectX from 9.0.

Description of the version: Dziobas Rar Player

The current version of Dziobas RAR player provides you now support of synchronize the subtitles with the current audio track. In older versions, this was not possible. But also the preview features on the films in the download has been optimized, as well as the editing of the videos with sound effects and special distortions, and format changes. On request, you can call only individual fragments of your movies from the location and play them back.

The most important innovations in the current version of Dziobas RAR player.

• Preview function for incompletely downloaded videos
• Fragment playback of films from storage path
• Synchronize the subtitles with the audio track
• Built-in effects for editing video files

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