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With dvdisaster you can secure you with little effort against the loss of data.



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Coming in the years digital disk, data loss threatens sooner or later. Scratches, impurities, natural material fatigue increases the risk of read errors, resulting in the loss of data. The worst can be prevented with dvdisaster.

Who must save his digital data from the age-related loss, is exactly the right address with dvdisaster. Older or already damaged disk that can be read not more fully, are no problem with dvdisaster.

The program creates error correction data, which you can save on a new, undamaged disk or in an extra set error correction file. It is totally irrelevant, what file system of the disk used. Since dvdisaster neither destroyed files can make again to read, it is so useful to read battered disk as soon as possible, so that the program can create the optimal error correction data. Due to its function dvdisaster offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional backup: in the latter, a full copy of the data is saved immediately, for example, during dvdisaster creates no complete copy, but error correction data, allowing, for example, 15% of the data on the CD can be restored. So only these 15% will be saved and can dvdisaster which reconstruct data then from the still readable data on the CD and the error correction data that is stored in the event of an emergency (if the CD should be destroyed). You can burn like recovered data on any disk. The advantage compared to the conventional backup by copying is so in decreased demand on disk space, on the other hand, that they also exhibit signs of ageing data is irretrievably lost danger and when backup copies - that are made so mostly short after purchasing the CD -.

If you want to be on the safe side so that you can dvdisaster with us for free download - so that your data is safe!

Description of the version: dvdisaster

dvdisaster the innovative opportunity in time to insure you against loss of data on older and damaged storage media such as CDs or DVDs gives you as a user. New is that only a fraction of the space required, consumed a backup by copying: dvdisaster stores the data as error correction files that it - even if the disk is later damaged - easily can be restored. The program is designed by the manufacturer for several common operating systems.

The main advantages of using dvdisaster 0.72.1 version

• Production of storage space error correction data to later restore damaged files
• Protection against sudden data loss
• Very fast read error-checking
• Cost-saving alternative conventional backup
• Ease of use
• For almost all major operating systems available

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