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DVD flick offers you the opportunity to create your own DVD movies quickly and easily.



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DVD Flick

DVD flick gives you the ability to bring your own video tapes to DVD. Certainly you know how difficult it can be sometimes, if you want to relocate your home-made films on a storage medium. Do you want to play the movies on a DVD, so they must be suitable for this DVD. This includes the correct size and in the correct format. With DVD flick you can forget these difficulties, because this program handles them easily. In just one program DVD flick takes all the necessary steps. A standard DVD is conjured up from your video recordings. You can then play it on any DVD player. The program has all the necessary means.

Should be the starting material not in the correct format, so it simply converts DVD flick. Also the correct dimensions will be awarded the video file if it is not the video size. DVD flick supports storage media such as CDs, DVD-9 and DVD-5. If you want, you can provide your videos with subtitles or menus. DVD flick you can also decide the number of chapters. In a DVD program you can later see your finished video project. Have completed the DVD with DVD flick, so you can burn them in the connection on a blank disc. This program is very easy to use, so that even beginners will have no problems with it.

If you want to create a DVD, so this is done flick with DVD in just a few steps. First, you need to create a video project. Then you have the possibility to add one or more video titles. Then they are sorted and processed. You make the video format, the size of the DVD and other DVD features DVD flick under settings. Because the selection variants are very understandable, you can make the settings easily. DVD flick is rounded off by a clear and simple help. For later burning you can create also ISO file and DVD folder you, because this program is not limited to the direct burning. DVD flick offers you many ways to easily burn your videos to DVD. If you make an autostart, you can play several videos in succession.

Improvements at a glance

• Make your DVD movies quickly
• Easy and simple operation
• Versatile setting possibilities
• Surface your videos with subtitles
• Decide on the chapter number
• Create DVD folders and ISO files

What operating system do you need?

You can use DVD flick on your computer, you need Windows XP/2000 / 7 or Vista. You should also have a free 512 MB RAM.

Description of the version: DVD Flick

In the latest version of DVD flick has been removed the maximum encoding level to make the program faster. With the plug-in the FFmpeg and ImgBurn, the software includes two codecs, which will help you when you edit your videos. The revision of menu facilitates the operation of the software to you and helps you move. A further improvement allows also large files without editing the program crash.

The most important changes in DVD flick version

• Use current plug-in, such as FFmpeg and ImgBurn.
• More easily navigate the program with improved menus.
• Encode large files without error.
• Audio files can be better incorporated.

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