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A DVD printer ver. 2009, quite a lot are possibilities for label printing.



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DVD Printer

DVD printer ver. 2009 is a software solution, which you can use to make your CDs and DVDs according to your ideas. The commercial labels you can edit easily with this software. You can choose from the existing designs for example, background. With DVD printer ver. 2009, it is also possible to arrange your own images and texts. If you have finished cut for example the videos from your last vacation and burned to DVD, you can use the function "Insert" in the DVD printer ver. 2009 individual images from the film to an appropriate label format. In addition, you can create a suitable caption of labels with this program. You can also cover for normal or large envelopes of DVDs with the DVD printer ver. make 2009 according to your taste. The interface is user friendly. You need no prior knowledge, to a few steps with DVD printer ver. 2009 stylish labels to produce.

The advantages of DVD printer ver. 2009 are the easy installation and the many useful functions. Fonts can use the DVD printer ver. added 2009 horizontally or vertically. You can from different fonts, font sizes, and font colors DVD printer ver. 2009 all that, use what you like best. Test prints on white paper are useful to check whether the size of yours with DVD printer ver. fits 2009 designed label to the labels that you want to print. If everything is to your satisfaction, you need to only need click the button "Print" and your DVD label is ready for gluing.

DVD printer ver. 2009 is available as a free software download for you. You need only click the button "Download" and then follow the instructions in the installation wizard.

The features of DVD printer ver. 2009

• Different design templates.
• Applicable to all standard label formats.
• Selection of fonts.
• Horizontal and vertical text alignment.
• Insert your own graphics.
• Cover design options for the covers.

Application possibilities

With DVD printer ver. 2009, you have the opportunity to give a personal appearance your self-burned CDs and DVDs. You design the subject itself to the PC and print out the appropriate labels in the print quality you choose. Also the individual design of the cover for the appropriate CD or DVD cases are supported by this program.

Description of the version: DVD Printer

The version 2009 of the DVD copy allows you a number of new configuration options when you create the DVD cover and offers a new useful preview option. Continue to search was after the appropriate cover on the Internet by other search pages expanded and facilitated. Troubleshooting the enhanced help function help certainly friends. Last but not least, the known bugs were removed to ensure a smooth use.

The DVD printer offers 2009 following new features in the version

• New preview option to view the created covers
• Many new options to change the cover
• Extension of the database to multiple search sites
• Fix all known bugs

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