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With DSL speed you will get an overview of the current Internet speed at any time.



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DSL Speed

The small tool DSL speed is a program for free provided you in the Internet available. It requires no download or installation DSL speed starts immediately on the server. You can check so just once at any given time, how fast you're watching on the Internet. Check your Internet speed using DSL is speed for DSL connections but only possible and not, if you need to use the Internet through an ISDN line.

With a speed test using DSL, data packets are delivered speed on your computer, which are then sent back to the server. On the basis of the time required for this test, the current up - and download speed of the Internet connection can be determined in a matter of seconds. These measurement results are immediately displayed. However, DSL speed assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the displayed values. To get optimum measurement results, you should run several times speed DSL at different times.

To achieve a very accurate measurement of the speed of the Internet, you should start DSL no other websites open speed and start also no transfer. To avoid an automatic reload Web page content, you should close all other browser windows except the DSL speed. If you've opened a mail program, you should close this. DSL speed can show you only accurate measuring results, if you also briefly all disable existing firewall and anti virus programs for the duration of the speed measurement. But please remember, that you immediately speed again activate it after the measurement of the speed using DSL. Should the measuring results displayed permanently moving speed through DSL under the Internet speed guaranteed by the service provider, you should repeat the measurement three days at different times. These measurement results will give you information, if you need to contact your service provider.

Important additional information

• Starts directly from the server
• Runs on all major operating systems
• Requires no free space on the hard disk
• No download or installation necessary
• Data packets transmitted to the computer and zurückgschicken to the server
• Measurement is carried out in a matter of seconds

Technical requirements

Because DSL starts speed directly from the server and running, you need not even specific technical requirements. The program runs on all major operating systems and requires no free space on the hard disk.

Description of the version: DSL Speed

The version 6.5 which speed DSL has been security-related software and further optimized usability. The program detects potential spyware on your computer and notifies you if one of these programs are trying to connect to the Internet without your prior consent. So far occur under Windows XP, 98 and 2000 have been fixed so that you can properly enjoy the improved speed.

The main features of the new DSL speed version

• Previously occurring error fixed to increase reliability.
• new, enhanced features for dealing with identified spyware
• still simpler usability

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