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DScaler offers optimized television on the computer or via the interface on the TV.



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With the DScaler, you get an optimized image from your TV card. The program receives the signal on your PC and automatically improves the quality of images. The TV reception can be piped through one interface connection on the TV.

The simple freeware DScaler sets out to improve the image of a TV card in the computer. You release the image with the software the so-called interlacing. This was a big line spacing in the image, to build it faster, but this is no longer necessary with the DScaler. Another feature is the removal of noise to improve image quality. The noise annoying pixels, however easily be removed with the software creates in the image. The software automatically undertakes these functions for you, thus, the TV reception is easily possible.

In addition to improving the quality of the image, the software DScaler allows as well looking at a TV signal from the TV card to your computer. So just watching television on the computer without the need for an additional preview program. Another way is to play on a normal TV. To do this, you need an interface between the TV and the TV card. A suitable cable is available, you just consider the incoming TV card signal on the TV and get an enhanced image in addition.

DScaler program was developed with the idea to improve TV reception on the computer by filtering out unwanted pixels and bad pictures. You look at the normal TV program either on the computer or on a TV and get an optimized image. The software runs on all major operating systems and is unobtrusive, therefore it does not interfere with the viewing of pictures on your computer or on your television.

Description of the version: DScaler

In the latest version of DSCaler worked mainly on the stability of the software. Some more TV cards are now supported, including, for example, cx2388x and saa713a cards. In addition to the normal TV program you receive now also an EPG, so an electronic program guide with the software. Hereby you can always find out the current TV program. The features of the previous versions have been developed, for example, it is possible to watch TV with multiple monitors.

The most important functions in DScaler 4

• Stable TV on the computer
• Support of many TV cards
• Receive an electronic programme guide for the current TV channel
• Support for multiple monitors to TV

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