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You can keep track with the current DSHaushaltsbuch II. Will the financial experts.



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The new DSHaushaltsbuch II helps you never to lose your finances from the look. You have problems to keep your input and output under control? Then, the DSHaushaltsbuch II is the right choice for you. It has a clear division into categories that you can define yourself. An easy-to-use balance function gives you always up-to-date of your household budget. The DSHaushaltsbuch II will help you with your future financial management.

With just one click you can download here easily and quickly your new DSHaushaltsbuch II, and the program on your computer is installed in a few seconds. You must be a financial genius or computer professional to handle the DSHaushaltsbuch II. The interface is user friendly, and a lot of help tags are supportive to the page. Impress your family with your new professional account management and help you again to a small or larger purchase.

The new DSHaushaltsbuch II holds but much more for you. A built-in calculator and a print function allow you an easy operation of the program. With each issue and each taking your new DSHaushaltsbuch juggles II, to plus to record yet another at the end of the month. No entry will be lost when you're wearing it in the current DSHaushaltsbuch II. This program allows you to keep an overview. Nothing can be more friends under the table. Maybe the new DSHaushaltsbuch II gives you ways to create the one or another dime to the page. Will your family financial expert.

The new DSHaushaltsbuch II in the overview:

• Overview of financial services
• ease of use
• Division into user-defined categories
• integrated calculator
• simple balance function
• internal pressure function

System requirements for the new DSHaushaltsbuch II

You need for the current DSHaushaltsbuch (II) the operating system Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista and a processor with at least 800 megahertz frequency. Your computer should have a memory of at least 256 megabytes and a free disk space of at least 300 megabytes. Your screen should be set to a resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels. You will also need an Internet connection and Internet Explorer from version 6.0, as well as the NET Framework 2.0.

Description of the version: DS-Haushaltsbuch

The new version of the DS - budget book offers you enhanced evaluation options, so that you can more easily keep track of your personal finances. The clear and intuitive interface makes entering your data even easier, so you can immediately start and book your private spending. The evaluations you can compare your monthly expenditure, and after an appropriate period of time show you also the comparison to prior year periods.

Features of the current version II of the DS - budget book

• New interface makes the program easier
• All data are centrally displayed in a window
• New evaluation options
• Intuitive and clearly arranged functions

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