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  • MAC 2.0.26
  • Linux 1.6.0

You can store files on dropbox, which can be obtained from any PC. Free download!



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 25.03.2014


With dropbox you have 2 GB virtual memory, where you can store your files and can make available to you or your friends on the Internet from any PC.

Drop your files in dropbox and retrieve it from your computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can easily edit your documents, automatically add photos and videos display, where you are right now. You can share your content with friends or unlock content for a group with which you work, for example, in the team and should have any access to the same data.

Dropbox is cool. Because it is at the same time a backup for emergencies. If your cell phone goes swimming or the temporal bless your computer, you still dropbox and dropbox has your data.

Description of the version: Dropbox

Dropbox 2.4.3: Fix Screenshots not working for some international users. Fix rare infinite syncing issue. Other minor fixes.

2.4.2: Fixes for iPhoto. Currently you can automatically upload screenshots now and dropbox promises a faster upload all data.

Data easily with dropbox to share or manage for their own purposes. Dropbox is free with 2 GB of virtual memory.

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